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Role play thread! Spoon ApprovedTM!

The last forum game was so awesome in this regard. Let us create yet more stories and memories together! :)

The halls and offices of the Sol Union Ministry building on Earth.  Constructed 100 years ago the great tower once dominated the Sahara City skyline but over time other structures came to match and grow above.

The recently elected Minister for Interstellar Affairs Headdie looked out of his office window.  It was hard to believe that the area was supposed to be sand and desert looking at the vast metropolis of glass and steel buildings surrounded by grass and flowing water.  Turning around Minister Headdie's office was decorated with white marble, inlaid with obsidian decorations.  The room was sparsely furnished with a few low chairs for guests, a transparent resin and chrome office chair and large matching desk.

Sitting on the chair Headdie looked at the array of data displayed on the desk and hovering above it, Screens showing diplomatic proposals, recommendations from the Admiralty, requests from interest groups, but who to trust.  One thing was certain, he had been given a mandate to keep Sol secure, free and fair to all; something which in the building situation would be very challenging.

His role was set, the destination clear, time to see if he could navigate the seas.

Beach near Duskwinth Manor, thriteen days before shipping out

Orpheus glanced over his shoulder, stealing another look at his estate on the nearby cliff. He loved the tranquil timelessness of this house by the sea, it seems that here all worries and all conflict would be slowly erroded by the tide.

But tranquility was a luxury compared to duty. And the Duskwinth family prided itself with its overwhelming attention and care to the duties the Crown would hand down to the gentry in general and the Duswinth's in particular. One of these duties had arrived a week ago by way of a herald straight from the Royal Palace.

"Sir Orpheus of House Duskwinth,

In the name of Amalia, throught the Grace of God Queen of the Commonwealth of New Britannian, Protecor of Realm, Defender of the Faithful and Duchess of House Arc Victoria, you are herby called to service in the Name of House Arc Victoria and Commonwealth.

You are to assemble a group of trusted men and women as your companions. With them you will leave for Planet Noble in the system Seprents within a fortnight and there take command the HMS Sikanda, a proud vessel in service of House Arc Victoria.

With the Sikanda as your flagship, you will take command of it's attending fleet to proctect the Commonwealth and futher the cause of the Crown.

For the time of your command, Her Majesty has seen it fit to grant your the rank of Admiral with all it's priviledges and responsibilites.

In service to our Queen Amalia,
Sir Owain mab Urien,
Royal Master at Arms and Knight of the Realm"

Duskwinth Manor, ten days before shipping out

Unrolling his new banner, Orpheus could not help marve butl the craftsman ship that had gone into this simple piece. Carefully woven into the field of blue of his personal heraldy was the sigil of New Britannia, serving as a background from the white griffin of his family. As a personal touch griffins talons were holding a hospitaler cross and silver letters, stichted on either side of the banner, proclaimed his personal motto - In Pace Vigil, In Bello Clemens.

It was a fit symbol of his new status as Admiral and it would serve nicely during the ceremonies to come.

"Is everything to your lordships liking? Or will your require alterations to be made?", asked Elliot, Orpheus' valet.

"No, all this banner now needs is someone to carry it in my stead. I can hardly go through all the pomp and ceremony of the Fleet while carrying my own banner."

"Of course not, my lord. Might I suggest Mistress Thessa for the role, Sir? The young lady has been quite adamant about leaving what she considers to be the 'confines of the Manor' and Lord Cador would hardly object to you naming his daughter your standard bearer - he, and others of course, might actually think that he is succeeding with his attempt to match you with his rather belligerent offspring."

to be continued

For the first time since the jubilation of his election Headdie, Minister for Interstellar Affairs in the Sol Union had cause to be genuinely proud of himself because after weeks of proposals, counter proposals and late night analysis sessions sustained with cooling take-away food and not much warmer cups of stimulant laced drinks, Headdie had lead a successful initiative which would greatly improve Sol Union security and foreign relations.

And now stood on the steps before the inspiring height of the Sol Union Ministry building with nothing but his sharp white suit with black accents and a Chrome and Glass lectum between him, hundreds of cameras, thousands of people, The Sol Union and interested parties from other nations a genuine smile crossed his face.

“Minister Headdie You are go!” In his ear from the sub dermal receiver came the voice of the event director, the Lectum sprang into life with the simple speech he had prepared for this momentous day.  Looking into the assemble crowd and cameras Headdie opened his mouth and announced with a voice amplified by hidden mic and speakers.

“Greetings to the Sol Union and the Galaxy.”
“As Minister of Interstellar affairs for the Sol Union it is my great pleasure to announce that after a period of negotiation, discussion and analysis the Sol Union and Delest Dynasty have formalised an agreement for non aggression.”

“Given the proximity of Sol and Ihefulian a carefully considered treaty is considered essential by both the civilian government and military strategists, so to have this in place is cause for much relief for us all.”

“That does not mean that we can let our guard down for many threats remain at large but be assured that myself, my department and the military are working hard together to ensure that our hard won democracy is both safe and prosperous.”

“I thank you all for attending this announcement, my department representatives will answer any questions you might have but for now I wish you all a good day.”

The crowd roared in celebration, and Headdie stood there for a moment to enjoy the scene before one of the security officers for the event approached him and suggested that he return to the building, Headdie nodded  and allowed himself to be guided back to the Ministry Lobby, Yes there was a long road ahead for the remainder of his tenure, but today at least was a good day and one that might make things a little easier.

Events were moving quickly, yesterday the signing of the treaty with the Delest Dynasty, today the last details were agreed upon for a treaty of mutual non aggression with the UGC.  There would be another speech this afternoon announcing the monuments news to the public, after all if everyone sticks to their word then the Sol Union borders were now safe allowing the Sol Union and Sol Force to ponder the problem that is Alderbaran.

Prospecting surveys indicated that the system would be a financial and material heavyweight, perhaps rivalling Sol, but its position has meant that the system has been hotly contested for a long time, indeed the following weeks are going to be trying to say the least.

But those were troubles for tomorrow, today a press reception and public speech needed to be organised and Headdie's cup of tea was going cold again.


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