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Comm Menu?


I've just started the game and I'm planning my Joystick and gaming keypad config. Unfortunately I don't have access to the game until I get home, so I'm doing my planning with the Hotkeys PDF. I've noticed the commands for the most part are identical FSO-FreeSpace 2, but one that isn't present on the Hotkey PDF is the FS2 [C] comm menu command. I've noticed there's [F3] for Wingman and then [F5] - [F12] for Wingman assignments, but that sounds different than the FS2 Comm menus.  So I'm wondering....does Disapora have a comm menu similar to FS2?

The Function keys are for targeting. Comms should work the same as FS2.

Thanks for the info Galemp. I'll plan on mapping the Comm key and the number keys to my gaming keypad.


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