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Wings of Dawn
Episode 1 & 2

Knossos is the recommended way to download!

Manual download links:

* Download WoD from Google drive
* Download WoD from Mega
Download WoD from Mediafire:

* Mediafire part 1
* Mediafire part 2
* Mediafire part 3Due to mediafire filesize constraints, the .rar is broken up into three parts. It is recommended to try downloading from the other links instead.

Optional NSFW patch:

* For people of culture and fine taste.
* Mega mirror
Builds for Linux

Patch 10-02-2019

* Google drive
* Mega- Simply drop this new WoD-Core.vp into your WoD RE installation and overwrite.
 - Fixes E1M6 Shopping's race to correctly check for the right time.
 - Fixes an inertia problem in E1M5 after using a checkpoint to skip to after the ambush.
 - Fixes Gauntlet not advancing past wave 3 when playing on Hard difficulty.
 - Adds a passive point gain to Combat Simulator I and removes the Transport (is now redundant).
 - The Refinery and Artillery platform in Combat Simulator II and III are now briefly protected from A.I. attack when it switches IFF.
 - Can no longer accidently end Mission 15 - Welcome Back too early by flying too close to the Guardian Angel.
 - Adds the Terran-CSA Gauntlet and the Hierarchy Gauntlets. Access them through the Database Mission Simulator - Single missions tab.

Important notes for manual downloading!

* If you are on windows 10, the launcher may throw up an error about being unable to find the graphics adapter. Setting the launcher to run in windows 7 compatibility mode will solve this issue.
* The launcher will default with the -res 1920x1080 flag. Changing the resolution in the video tab will do nothing if the -res flag has been set. If you want to set a different resolution, change the -res flag in the features tab instead.
* Shadows and deferred lighting are enabled by default. If you're running on older hardware, it is recommended to disable shadows. If framerate is still poor after that, disable deferred lighting. These are two main culprits for poor performance. Additional flags you can try disabling to improve frame rate are Framebuffer Thrusters and Lightshafts.
* wxlauncher is supported but not included.
* If you still have the old Episode 1 release installed, it is safe to uninstall it. Do not install the new Episode 1 & 2 release in the old Episode 1 folder, they are not compatible.

Manual installation instructions:

* Unpack Wings of Dawn RE.rar anywhere you want. It is a standalone game.
* Start the launcher and make sure it is pointed towards Fs2_open_Wings_of_Dawn-EX17-SSE2.exe
* Check the custom flags for the resolution and other graphical settings.
* That's it, enjoy Wings of Dawn!

If you require troubleshooting help, just post it in this thread.
Known Issues and Bugs:
Mission Bugs:

* Second attempts at the race mini-game in "Shopping" may show that you failed even if you got a winning time. (But worry not, the other mini-games should be enough to win money for all of the goodies)
* Selecting the "After Ambush" checkpoint in "Counter the Contravention" will cause you to have a bug with your deceleration. (Selecting Before Ambush though will not)
* In "Escort Contract" you may come across a debriefing that says you got a rare and obscure bug. We don't know HOW it happens, but it do. You'll have to replay the mission to progress.
* The Gauntlet will not progress past wave 3 when playing on Hard difficulty - Switching to another difficulty momentarily will help circumvent this.
Engine Bugs:

* Text will not display at all with certain low-end AMD graphics cards. (Sadly this does not look like it will be fixed any time soon, but we have a work-around of sorts here)
* The game may crash when exiting the game (this will be fixed next time we do an engine update)
If you encounter any problems with an error coming from parselo.cpp, it is likely that you have a corrupt archive. Either re-download or verify file integrity to fix that.

If you want to post a review or give your thoughts, feedback and critique, please post it: Here.

Credits and Shoutouts:
When a project has been in development for so long, it's easy to lose track of who contributed what over the years. If you did work for WoD in the past and I forgot to add you to this list, just let me know.

- Endless thanks to Axem for his vital, hard work. His numerous and amazing lua scripts have enhanced and elevated WoD to a level that I could never have accomplished on my own. But it's not just awesome scripts that he contributed, he also made a wide array of incredible ship models, including the one that takes center stage at the end of episode 2. He also produced, redid and retextured most of the asteroid models that make their appearance. Worked on the interface, hud and the awesome mainhalls. Additionally, he fredded several new missions for episode 2, made fantastic cutscenes and remade missions from episode 1 from scratch, which improved them many times over. He has also relentlessly helped track down and squash many pesky bugs.

- Omega thanks to Dahblount and Swifty for all their coding work. While Swifty may have been busy with his job in the games industry in recent time, his past contributions to things like shadows, the lighting engine, optimizations, shield improvements and multilock deserve all the credit that we can give. Meanwhile Dahblount has really stepped up to the plate when it comes to adding the endless features that we nag him about, and fixing the countless bugs that we've run into over the years. Development would have been a really painful experience (more so than it already was :P ) if he wasn't there and always available. Let me also not forget to credit him for the modelling work he has done in the past. Such as remaking the Ray MkIII and Kaze into their current awesome looking incarnations.

- And on the subject of models; I must thank Hades (or Hammer Nipples as he goes by on Discord these days) for the many model contributions he has made. Vital models such as Guardian Angel and the Dragonfly are all his work, amongst many others. 

- Another person who has helped made part of WoD possible is Niffiwan. When the apng kickstarter turned out to be a dud, it was Niffiwan who stepped up and worked closely with Axem to make apng a supported format in FSO. It works seamlessly nowadays and has become a vital part of WoD.

- Not a HLP resident, not even a FSO player. I must thank my good buddy Mpgrey, for he has gone through the massive effort of going through my many, many words in the VN fiction files and editing them. Correcting grammar and spelling mistakes and improving readability.

Also thanks/credit to:
PIe, Thisisaverylongusername (Rubik The Great) for playtesting. FrikgFeek for playtesting and given some valuable feedback in regards to ship and weapon balancing.
Sab0o for past modelling work; models like the awesome Colony. And also for his texturing work on ships like the Ascension and Basileus.
Droid803 for various small modding things in the past and for letting me use a bunch of models that were not specifically made for WoD, but do well in it regardless (such as the Peacekeeper/Rhea).
That also goes for AndrewofDoom who has made models specifically for WoD (such as the Ray MkII) and models that were not specifically made for WoD, but do well in it regardless.
Valathil for coding and bug fixing work done in the past (and for the first implentation of shadows).
m!m for his many recent FSO coding contributions that also help out WoD a lot. (Such as improving bmpman, particles and sound)
Since I mentioned sound coding, I have to mention jg18's work in that regard too. WoD's soundscape would have been dreadful if it wasn't for these coding additions.
wookieejedi for his custom wingmen hud gauge script.
manwiththemachinegun who offered to do VN editing work. I only ended up giving him a small amount of work to do since Mpgrey was powering through everything else at an amazing pace. But his help still deserves mention.
AtomicClucker for the Cavalier model.
Enioch for his fantastic Terconia Campaign lore story.
Battuta and redsniper for being cool dudes.

Spoon for his work on *deep breath*: Fredding/mission design, modeling, texturing, writing, playtesting, sound, bug hunting, script testing, tables, story, characters, art, effects and basically everything else that is game design/development related.

And finally: Thanks to all you players out there. The wait between episode 1 and 2 has been a long one, and I thank you for your patience and supporting words during that time.

You are allowed to use WoD's assets (With the exception of character art) in your own projects, assuming it's being used for non-commerical purposes. While not required, I would appreciate it if you would let me know that you intent on using any of WoD's assets. Take note that I do not hold the rights to any of the music, some of the sounds and some of the ship models that are being used in WoD. You may need to contact other authors for those. Refer to the credits for more details on that.

I really enjoyed playtesting for this project. The additions and modification to episode 1 are very welcome, and episode 2 kept me hooked from start to finish. I've already played the campaign four times, and I can definitely say I wouldn't mind doing a fifth. If you're reading this, what are you doing? Go play the campaign already, it's well worth it!

WOOO! Downloaded and am starting now! :D



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