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3.7.2 and Debian Buster, fullscreen focus loss, looking for causes.

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In ansking this because 3.7.2 is the newer build that would run on Raspberry PI 3 and 4 due to OpenGL 2.1, and it seems to be no backward compatibility on newer builds.

THis was working fine on the older version of Raspbian based on stretch, but now Raspbian is based on Buster, Buster breaks compatibility with 3.7.2 as launching in fullscreen result in a focus loss, running in a window causes the game to enter in "pause" every now and them.

I have no idea of what could be causing this.

Ok this is definately Buster fault, as running in a windows with -nograb resulves the constant pauses.... there is something in raspbian buster that takes away the focus if you grab the mouse or keyboard.

I just upgraded from Mint 18.3 to Ubuntu 19.10 and am having the same problem. My repository included version 3.7.4.repack.1

Occasionally fullscreen will 'grab' just right, hiding the gnome docker and working perfectly thereafter. Otherwise the game will occasionally pause and/or disappear, requiring me to select its icon to bring the game back onscreen. Unfortunately the docker will remain above it and the problem soon recurs.

I'm also having unrelated problems with 0.11.0+dfsg-2 version of wxLauncher. It won't let me select the freespace folder. So basically the repository version is entirely broken. I guess I'm going to have to build it, negating the whole reason for using this distro.

Unfortunately I don't believe that the people creating/maintaining FSO packages in various distros are the same people developing FSO and its utilities, at least in some cases, so this is...'apt' happen on occasion.

I see what you did there.gif

I’m running into... totally different problems, but yes I’ve definitely found the repositories for FSO and wxLauncher to be a bit not completely functional. Looks like I’m going to have to get a lot more familiar with this whole build-from-source thing if I’m going to maintain my decision to swear off Windows 10.


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