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You tested it on WIN 7 - 64 bit - not Windows 10!

For Windows 10 users: Unless you have no issues to start the game the easy way. Forget what was mentioned above.

Check the attached screen then. On Windows 7 didn't test it by other hand, but seems to you / others did. So.

--- Quote ---For Windows 10 users: Unless you have no issues to start the game the easy way. Forget what was mentioned above.
--- End quote ---
In total must be no problems. But there can be some specific related one - resolution, "slow" mouse, and kind. Main points of this manual, 4 & 5.

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Hey MCRizZen,

Thank you for the suggested fix, and technically it worked, but it brought the game down to like 15FPS or less. Made the game really jerky and more un-playable. After, messing around this is what I have figured out.

- I believe it has something to do with my screen size. I am playing on my 4K-55" TV.
- The higher the resolution, the better the game run. With the 1080P.exe, I do not have this problem at all. Game runs at 100%, but everything is so small and you are so far zoomed out on the battle field that it is impossible for me to play. And as you know, if you zoom in on battle field, you can't edge scroll the map or use arrow keys.
- The lower the resolution the worse it is.
(by resolution I am referring to the different .exe files)
- This also helped me figure out that it has something to do with the camera height. As when the camera (battlefield view point) is on flat ground I do not have this problem. It only occurs when I am trying to scroll over hills and more so mountains. This makes sense with the view being so far away (high) on 1080P that I don't have this problem.
- I also tried on my laptop with a 19" screen, and although I still have this problem it is not as bad. (I did not try the ddraw.dll on the laptop)
- conclusion: There is some kind of collision going on with the "camera" and terrain.

I also tried dgVooDoo to see if that helps. Using dgVooDoo, I can't get the game to run in full screen, and once in battle field, if I try to edge scroll it blips and crashes the game. So that's no good.

For now I have been using the 1024x768.exe as it is the highest resolution (furthest I can get the camera away from battlefield) without everything being too small. (minimap, characters, menu).

Please understand, I am not begging for a fix and your work on this has not gone un-noticed. I do understand that you have posted this as the final revision and don't plan to make anymore updates and/or fixes. I am amazed how much time and effort has been put into this project, and I thank you for everything you have done. This is just my feedback.

P.S. If I am the only one having this problem, I understand it is something on my end.

Thank you again for everything on this game.

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Last update 28.05.23. Part 2.

It's about ~ 2,5 years I've last time checked the things. So decide to look on it in new system, Windows 11 x64.

1. I've tested things with Prometheus 0.2a Beta +
2. DDrawCompat, both latest and older versions are useless now. Same goes for some other tweaks. Instead of for point 5, as well if you game doesn't run / show black screen / give errors, use latest version of DxWnd, which can be found here I've checked with 2.05.96.
3. Run dxwnd.exe, Edit -> Add -> Path -> MCX.EXE or any other one -> pick "Destop" on the right -> Try... -> OK.
4. Next time you run the program just press MCX.EXE icon.


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