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Weird Freespace dreams

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I just had several more (or maybe it was one dream with multiple parts? I'm not sure).

Anyway, for the first part, there was a setting in the menu that was (according to the dream logic) well-known and had been there since the retail version, which was an 'autopilot' setting. It let the computer control your ship, although you could override it at any time by using the controls yourself. This was generally considered useless by the community, as the autopilot couldn't fly well at all, and it wasn't programmed to try to achieve any specific mission objectives (it would just dogfight whatever enemies were in the area even if you were supposed to be doing something else).

So I decided, just for fun, to try to play through each mission in a campaign using only the autopilot setting and see if any of them were actually beatable that way. The campaign that I chose was Blue Planet Age of Aquarius (although in the dream the missions were nothing like the real BP:AOA). The first mission actually had more in common with the first mission of the main FS2 Campaign, as you were fighting NTF forces, although this mission was significantly harder than the real 1st FS2 mission.

When it started, the autopilot flew in formation with my wing and there were multiple NTF wings attacking a small group of cruisers, freighters, and transports we were supposed to be defending. Like I mentioned, the autopilot was not very skilled at all, so it just went head-to-head with a wing of NTF Lokis, missing most of its shots (I remember it killed one but I was thinking that if I was flying I could have killed all of them), and once they passed by my wing, we just kept flying forward, allowing the enemy wing to come around behind us for another run. I saw Subachs and Prometheus Rs being shot at my fighter (mostly missing, although some were hitting) but they weren't doing much damage. Finally the autopilot lazily turned around to engage the enemies and we exchanged fire a bit. At this point, I was thinking to myself that maybe the reason we weren't taking that much damage was because we were playing on Very Easy, where the enemy weapons and stuff were nerfed. A bit later, an NTF Leviathan cruiser jumped in, and a scripted message warned us to stay away from its AAA beams, but of course the autopilot ignored this, chasing an NTF fighter right near the Leviathan. Luckily for me, when it fired its AAA beams, it was targeting other allied fighters, and didn't target me.

Eventually, an allied fleet jumped in (there was one Deimos, the GTCV Vengeance, and one Typhon, the GVD Hedetet, I don't remember the other ships) and they destroyed the NTF fleet and the mission ended successfully. I considered this to be a lucky and unusual result as I avoided dying. There was also the idea that the way the mission was normally supposed to go, you were supposed to destroy at least two NTF cruisers and most of the NTF strikecraft, and the fleet would just show up to mop up the survivors, but the autopilot was so incompetent that it only killed 1 Loki and all of the enemy cruisers were still there when the allied fleet arrived.

Then I tried the second mission, which was very weird as it wasn't much like a Freespace mission at all (it took place on the surface of a planet) and as soon as I moved more than a few dozen meters above the surface, this weird robot would start chasing me and it was invulnerable and would kill me with one hit if it rammed my ship. I think it was supposed to be a stealth mission, but of course the autopilot didn't realize that so I just died.

For the second part of the dream, I was running a weird version of Freespace that caused the ships to physically appear in miniature in my house. There was a three-way battle between an NTF raiding group, a GTVA convoy, and a Hammer of Light raiding group that took place a meter or so over my bed. After the mission was over I went downstairs without turning off the game, and then I saw two Orions (they were about the length of a human hand) jump in near the door to my kitchen (it was implied that different rooms in the house served as different systems, and ships could jump between them), and they started heading towards the downstairs bathroom, which was implied to be where the Shivans would appear from. I considered shutting down the game as I was a bit nervous about having all of these miniature ships flying around my house, but I wanted to see what would happen. Then the dream changed to a bunch of weird non-Freespace stuff that's not really relevant.


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