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Red Infyrno:
Long-time lurker. Like, since the very beginning of HL. Love Blue Planet -- as so many have said before, it is a masterpiece of storytelling.

Questions -- perhaps answered before, but didn't find anything, and they linger in my mind nevertheless:

1. Modern generative AI for the remaining voice acting. It wouldn't be human-level, but would get close. Has anyone looked at this? Compute costs would be nontrivial but less than voice actors. Hence:

2. Kickstarter or other crowdfunding for actual paid development. Then the BP team can justify the time. I'm sure there are legal considerations, but I do believe there are options. You've already got such a loyal, dedicated, long-term fan community -- the prime ingredient which most projects like this lack. Any thoughts?

Apologies if this was covered before. Like I said, been lurking here on-and-off almost since the Sathanas first blew up the Colossus.  :lol:

The E:
Modern text-to-speech engines are indeed a viable option for voicing things, as Darius has shown in Solaris. We have not discussed using it for BP internally, but it is a realistic option.

Kickstarter and crowdfunding absolutely isn't. Put frankly, there is no way for a kickstarter campaign to raise enough funds to cover our salaries; this community, as awesome as it is and as much as we love you, isn't big enough, and that's leaving aside issues and potential drama we would like to avoid. It's a topic we have discussed at length internally, and for now, that's our stance on the matter.

As much as we hate leaving things in an unfinished state, the simple fact of the matter is that by now most of us have moved on. BP isn't dead, but it is in deep hibernation. It may rise again, it may not; in the meantime, several amazing people are working on new mods that take what we did further.

Colonol Dekker:
Following on, as a community we encourage everybody, especially "long-time lurkers".  Please throw their hat in the ring and show their personal head-canon or where they'd like the story to go. 

It could be a fan story, a mini campaign or even a single mission.   Every spark keeps the fire going.

Blue Planet was great and would love to know how it would finish.  Not really sure if it would offend anyone but could others put together an ending?  I get no one wants to step on anyone's toes.  Probably have to be a bit simpler as I can't imagine putting together something as big as the original Blue Planet.  I have played around with and so far it has been okay.  Unfortunately every "Voice Actor" sounds like a salesmen on a commercial.

Colonol Dekker:
BP is a fan ending to Freeapce, I see no-reason why anyone would be offended at a fan making their own BP ending so long as they don't claim it to be the one true ending;)


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