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bugfix that plays like a new feature

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remember the afterburner trails a long time ago?
remember how they worked great, then suddenly they seemed to get broken?
and you never heard from them again. :(

well guess what, I fixed them :D
it was a combineation of a small amout of mangled code and a problem similar to the bug were player ships wouldn't get thruster glows.

and just to make sure everyone's clear on this,
_this is something that has been in FSO for more than a year, but broken_

build and needed art/tables

Ooooooooooooh! Lines in the sky! :)

Looks great Bobb, though a little odd, I don't know if it's whether the trail needs to be darker to start off with, or fade faster, but very nice nonetheless :D


how are these defined, tbl's, images, or hardcode?

there is a section in the tables, lookup the old topic for details

cool, i think that if we release Lightspeed on this, something awesome could be produced. now i have to admit i haven't run that, or even seen a screeny, but the description sounds cool enough.


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