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revamped fighter beam code

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ok the old fighter beam code was basicly the uggliest hack in exsistance and only half worked, as a result they never worked quite right, so I give you my new and improved fighter beam code, I actualy did things corectly this time and fighter beams work just as you would think, well type 2 and 4 (fighter and moljoner) the other ones still need a bit of work.

I'm not sure were this fits, it isn't a new feature and it fixes most of the nasty nasty problems fighter beams had, but it was a lot of new code, and I had origonaly planed on doing this after 3.6. fortunately it was a lot easier than I thought it was going to be.

I havn't included any tables, but keep in mind it now actualy looks at a lot of the values it used to ignor (like warmup/down and lifetime (targeting beam has a life of 0 so it will only blink on and off, you _will_ need to make your own))


Can I ask, is the cel-shading code still in there? If so how do I activate it?

it's still there but it only works in non-htl mode

Downloading now. Is the sound bug fixed? I had sound loop problems when the energy is drained out.

yup, been totaly reworked


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