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revamped fighter beam code

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I don't think it's been commited, but that's only becase CVS was down.

This is way cool, but can you also make a change in FRED to allow fighterbeams to be selectable as a primary weapon for fighters? Right now one has to manually change this in Notepad. I'm not sure if FS2 allows you to select them in the ship/weapon config screens either...

well given that you need to make entierly new weapons table entree(s) to get this to realy work. I don't even know exactly what you want, they should be selectable as any other weapon, but you have to make a new one.

Oh, my mistake, they are selectable in FRED. Just didn't have the right flags and they were in the wrong place in the TBL. :)

Has this been commited yet?

Some updates to the Wiki example for we lazy people? :-)


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