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revamped fighter beam code

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go ahead.  im not stopping you


new build, small number of minor bug fixes

Some small bugs using that build:

a) Beams power down mid-shot if there's not enough power to use them, but the energy keeps draining from the fighter's weapon energy (into minus figures) during the warmup and warmdown parts

b) Should beams supposed to be draining energy in the warmdown at all?

c) Player beams ignore fire wait, you can seem to fire another salvo after some fixed time, although the AI is fine with this

d) Beams don't obey the "cycle" tag, although funnily enough the particle effect only occurs around one of the model's gunpoints

they follow fire wait, they will fire a beam every time weather you have finished the previus shot or not, this enables you to make beams capable of a overload typ thing, fighter beams also have a diferent implementation of cycle, you need to give the beam shots (its a value in the beam info, look at a post I made recently on TBP forums for an example)

I had the beam draining power the entier time they were doing anything though I supose they shouldn't be draining during warm down, that probly explains the reason why AI don't seem to be useing them as much as they used to.

It doesn't, low values work (


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