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new build Bobboau_3-16-04, eh... nothing speacal

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just generaly fixing bugs and such, if I have told you to look at a new build prior to now regarding anyhting look at this one, this is the state of the current CVS repository (ie I just commited).

i thought i can change the title.  perhaps thats in order :rolleyes:  change the zip before people go crazy.  were professionals here bob. :)  //phreak

you can't change titles?
and this brings up a point shouldn't I have some sort of god like admin powers?

wrong month there bob

its 3-16

hu, aww crap, mind is, ah ****
/*hangs head in shame*/
why did I do that...
just ignor it

when the heck is 3.6 coming out?

when you test the builds and there are absolutely no bugs of any kind in them, maybe that build right there is 3.6 test it out :D


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