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new build Bobboau_3-16-04, eh... nothing speacal

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do you have an approximate date? id like to be able to release my mod under 3.6 and i wanted to know what kinda of timetable i had to work with. i want to release it to work with an official build. as of yet it works best on your latest test build (as usual).

were all the fighter beam bugs resolved?

and there  has been great discusion on 3.6, some of us have realy wanted to just set a date and barring the apearence of some strange new bug, just relese whatever we have then.
there is going to be a meeting discussing this soon.
if you want to help get this done faster join the tester list, and or go through mantis and try and recreate any of the bugs listed especaly ones that someone sais is un replicatable.

anyway, less 3.6 more feedback, any bugs (old one especaly) still in this build?

did you commit the fighterbeam code?  i never got any CVS commit emails if you did.

I just commited it, or at least I thought I did, update and see if fighter beams are working at all for you.

So let me ask a quick question if these builds you are giving us now are basically 3.6 is the next ones going to have things like enviroment mapping, decals, and possibly varities in star colors, size clusters???
Is there really anything we havent seen before in 3.6


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