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20040401 test build - memory footprint reduction

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Please test this build:

This build has fixes for three problems that need testing:

1. reduction in memory usage, level load time - Please verify that you don't get any crashes on level loads and no (new) large stutters when in mission

2. transparent ship/weapon texture fix - It shouldn't use interface graphics for ship textures now so please make sure that anything that was transparent isn't now

3. movie loading - The movie playing code will now ignore the file extension and cycle through support formats to find one that it can load.  Also, movies no longer have to be in the main directory to be found and played.

*goes of to test*

15-25 second load times: hell yeah
i got almost no performance hiccups past 10 seconds into the mission. On older builds when somthing likea  missle was shot, id get a %50 fps drop for a second or 2.

I got solid +100 FPS on my FSO goodie test mission, including skybox, all the Lightspeeds recent art, and Karmas high poly fenris. NO slowdowns looking at the highres planets or trails either, those  used to kill FPS on older builds. And that one minit section of time after FSO shut down where my system practically locked up wasnt there either.

rock on tayor :D

So, I know MVE wont work on the movies, will it??
And where can we find these other movie formats??

jdjtcagle:  No MVE still and because of the legal issues probably never (possible - yes, going to happen - never).  Though it can be easily added to, the currently supported movie formats are AVI and MPG.  If you don't have the converted FS2 movies (you can do a search on the forum to try and find download locations but I think they've been removed) then just rename any AVI or MPG that you have (ie. some-kOOl-movie.avi -> intro.avi) and it will play.  Not as good as the real FS2 movies but good for testing.  I'm using the original "Tripping the Rift" short as my intro which is rather fun ;)

Mine goes to the Pre_load screen and then shuts off without any warnings

Holy **** now none of my builds work!!!:confused:


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