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20040405 test build - Win32 build of Linux tree, OGL fixes, preloads

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I don't foresee any big problems but this build has a "use at your own peril" status.

There are three main things I'm looking to test with this build:

 - The is based on the Linux code tree.  Verification is needed that no new bugs exist in the Windows version in general and specifically D3D.

 - This build contains PhReAk's new OpenGL changes as well as my changes and bug fixes.  Lines and shaders should work now.  32-bit texture support is available with DevIL (dlls included).  There are a couple of minor performance fixes to OpenGL in here but I don't know if they will be noticed.  The command line options "-jpgtga", "-pcx32" and "-glow" will work as expected now.  If you have a nVIDIA card and get crashes when entering a mission using OpenGL please try the "-novbo" command line option.

 - Since the previous build reduced memory usage it's time to make better use of some of the savings with new preload options for sounds and planets.  A new commandline option exists "-snd_preload" which will preload game sounds when you start a mission.  This should only add about 10megs to the memory footprint but will have all of the mission sounds preloaded to help reduce stutters.  The second thing is that planets will now preload into OpenGL texture memory at mission load now.  This should help reduce the delay when viewing tga planets for the first time.  The planet preload is OpenGL only.

What I'm looking for is things that are broken, whether the stutters are reduced and if there are any new OpenGL related issues.  Please DO NOT file new bugs into Mantis on this build.  If you see that bug in Mantis that's fixed in this build please list the bug number here.  Add any new bugs to this thread.  I'm not sure yet how many of these changes will make it into CVS before 3.6 so it's up to the testers to decided if any of these changes are worthy/required/needed.

Additional changes:
 - ani's are used by default (if found) for all ship textures (may not get in CVS)
 - mods will now be searched with an absolute path, probably won't make a difference for most people
 - OpenGL mouse cursor saves now use the proper 32x32 rather than 24x24 size
 - neb poofs are no longer preloaded unless in a FULLNEB mission
 - mods don't list normal pilots on the pilot select screen (may not get in CVS)
 - other stuff that I don't remember

even if env_mapping will only be in 3.6, dont you guys need to test it before then?

oh, and work on the whole collaboration thing, I'm swiftly becoming confused

env_mapping is after 3.6

I'm not sure what to classify this as, but I think I found a bug in the game reguarding damage/destructability of a capital ship. Playing "Proving Grounds"(the mission where you test the delta-wing shaped ships), I was unable to destroy the Corvette Timat, as it became progressively harder to inflict a precentage point of damage on it, ending with me getting it down to 1%, and unable to do another precent after putting 2 banks of those dumb-fire missiles in it(the previous 1% taking almost the whole 2 banks). Unless I'm mistaken, this ship is supposed to be destructable(as a bonus target), so it would seem the game has a bug in it reguarding that.

I was playing that mission where the Aquitaine is leaving the nebula and the one after it, with the Erinyes, and it all seemed to work fine.  Of course, I didn't bother trying to destroy any capships.  No Stuttering! very good, shove it together with Bobbau's work and we'll have a kickass build


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