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4-05-2004 Build

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Added features:  (these are both trivial changes)

-radar_reduce [float]

the "Infinity" range on the radar is by default 10,000,000 meters - this flag overrides it at sets it to the floating point argument.  This will come in handly when full Waypoint support is added post 3.7, but it is useful now for primative nav point support

Time compression boosted
The max time compression value is now 64x!  This is another thing that will come in handy for primative and then future full navpoint support

There are some changes and other bugfixes present - i think there may be some bugfixes in the OpenGL area but the others will have to weigh in on what they've commited

Post-3.7?  Is that feature _that_ far away?

adding full waypoint support would be a code freeze violation - as i would be altering HUD, adding a new screen, adding some new internal functions that take control away from the player

Trivial Psychic:
We do have a sexp that orders ai control of the player ship.  Theoretically, it someone linked keys for the player to activate and deactivate this sexp in-mission, events could be lined to them to initiate waypoint orders on the ai-controled player-ship... in effect creating an autopilot... theoretically of course.


Trivial Psychic: i did that - that's simple support - i want to have full support as the sexps are a little unreliable and I want to have a map in .. all post 3.6 features


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