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new sheild impact code

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sheild impacts are now made better, they are relitive to the size of the weapon hitting the sheilds, not the ship being hit, big improvement with this will be sheilded capships will no longer look supper dupper ugly. I think the fighters look better now to, I'm going to add a table definable sheild impact size, wich defalts to 4xhead radius (what it's currently useing).
enjoy :)

hey while we are on shields, whats going on with the shield bug(not showing up when there is a hit), was that ever fixed?

uh, DL the EXE and see

Downloading now.

Should be a big improvment.
But that IS a feature ...  Or not ?

1. Bug: The exe is named fs2_open_r_sheildtest.exe :)

I think 4xradius is too small.
Personaly I would like to see almost the whole shield to be animated if hit...

Custom aniĀ“s seem to cause problems with it.

I know it is propably caused bey this:

But if I understood what you did to the code, this should not happen.


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