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It slices! It dices! It even sets repair caps!

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Fred 2!

I finally got the Hull and Subsys repair cap boxes added. They're in the Mission Specs dialog. This means when a support ship docks, it will only repair up to that % and then stop. If the % is already higher than the cap, it won't repair at all.

Note that these are floating point numbers, so if you're feeling particularly nasty you can set it to 99.9% (or .000001%, whichever floats your boat). :D

hey this thing doesn't slice!!  i want a ****ing refund

we need to get you access to post in the recent builds forum as well

Trivial Psychic:
Does this build support Kazan's -htl, -mod, and other flags?  Does this fix some of those LOD switching settings?

It should support all that stuff, but it doesn't fix any bugs.

phreak: to slice, add a slash beam onto a ship and select "Beam-free-all" in the mission specs dialog. ;)

nice, thanks.

one question though, can the SCP guys please set a conform dating scheme, we've got yyyymmdd (Taylor, me for personal builds)
mmddyyyy (you), mm-dd-yyyy (Goober), mm-dd-yy (Bob, IIRC) and ddmmyyyy (i forgot). And then some variations on this theme.


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