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2004-05-03 Build

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Change by me: "mod stacking"

"-mod somemod" still works normally, however you can now use mod in a slightly more complex manner

Given Mod "HeatEmUp" that relies on mod "TBP" you can use them both at the same time by doing the following

"-mod HeatEmUp,TBP"

this works for theorectically an unlimited number of mods so you could have

"-mod ModC,ModB,ModA" No Spaces!

(bah.. it's not letting me post as an attachment.. five minutes pls)

and I came here looking for a build too :)

This may be a dumb question but what would this be used for?  

Like when you have things like lightspeeds stuff in one directory but want to play Inferno, you'd put -mod Lightspeed, Inferno?  That is, of course, if the folder where lightspeeds stuff is called Lightspeed and the same for Inferno.

Basically you've hit one possibility on the head there but the one I'd mentioned earlier is for satalite campaigns like Sol : A history or the various TBP add ons. If they use their own tables then something like this is needed to prevent a return to the bad old days of having to swap Data folders around and rename .vp files

Important: DO NOT PUT SPACES in the mod list

"-mod ModC,ModB,ModA" NO SPACES


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