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I reworked, in a fundemental way, the way in wich FSO renders is't data, people with slower graphics cards (slower AGP slot at least) should see some improvement, I'd like this to be compared to the build I posted recently with the new decal stuff, for general performence, also there should be reasonable improvement for background immages (planets and nebulas) as I reworked that too (though that was in the decal build I think)

I'm interested in performence on lower end cards more so than higher end ones (as higher end ones won't see any diference)

Fatal crash on every attempt to run, at seemingly random points, at about 1 minute into running... Each time, it freezes the computer, and when observing the Task Manager, it increases memory used by approx 2000 k per second, untill it either runs out of resources, or i kill main power. Unable to end proscess/proscess tree, and must resort to powering off... Has happened 4 consecutive times, none involving the same actions...

Doesn't happen in any other builds...


W2k SP4
450 Mhz
320 MB SD Ram
2048 MB Virtual Ram
e-Geforce 2 mx (64MB PCI)

can you even get to the tech room?

yes, i can do anything i want, but after a minute or two, doing nothing specific, be it ingame, or in the main hall, it will happen... The two times i got to a mission, (the other times i had it running when i got food, or was talking on ICQ) i dig have about a 50% framerate increase (mission had 2 background planets in view, and 48 TIE fighters + 11 Xwings on screen, all within about 1000m, and lots of lasers/missiles... so the concept works, but not for long... I can run the same mission on every build since Taylor's memory one, but with about only 2/3 of the framerate... (the usual 20-30 fps jumped to 30-50 when i did get in mission, which was twice)...

oh, that's some good news at least, it's does get the job done, sort of, do you have decals enabled? (in the table)
have you tryed the recent decal build, that was the last thing I did prior to to implementing this, if the problem isn't there I'll make a build with index buffers turned off and see if this realy is the problem. but I'm not sure how it could from your description. it should crash during model loads or on the first frame of rendering a model, not five minutes later.

but first, check your error log, the very last line (under all that hex dump) should give me the last safe point that it passed, just copy and paste it (just the last 1-3 lines of the errorlog.txt (not fs.log)) here


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