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perfomence optomiseation, low end folks give it a try

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this build has a new vertex management system that alows better controle over vertex types and improves bandwidth by, probly a signifigant measure, I'd like some low end folks hwo have beena able to run the THL finres to through a few of them in game test with an old build, test with the index buffer build, and test with this one, and tell me how much, if any, improvement do you see,
also, I disabled dynamic environment mapping, outside of subspace, it was just a total waist of resorces.
I want reports by the time I wake up in 6 hours, before I have to go to work and trane the new guy. so, eh... snap to it... minions... I'm tired...

okay, this is cool.. it's smooth, and, enviromental mapping works, not shinemapping, though...strange.

On the off chance you don't know. The program crashes if you're in mission, then switch to desktop and back to fs2.

this is known and not native of this build

Turnsky, did environment mapping not work for you before?
and is it smoother thanit has been?

Great. Good to see my suggestion made it in. I'll download this right away :yes:


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