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Raspberry PI 3 now working

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Ok more detective work today, is something with the .pofs, not the textures or the compiler.

By editing the ships.tbl and change the arrow pof to "fighter01" it allows to open the tech room without crashing then i discover that trying to load most of the WCS models do crash the game but no all of them, some of the bigger ones, like Clarkson or the fralthi ii do load OK. But im unable to pinpoint exactly why this happens, ive been looking at the pofs and there is not a obvius silver bullet of why the arrow crash and something bigger and larger like the fralthi 2 do not. Its not the texures either since removing the textures should load the model whiout textures, but it crashes anyway.

Maybe i should try with something else, something tells me this is not compatible with 3.7.2. Even trught the first mission do load on 3.7.2-Windows(tech room a.k.a Arrow model also crashes on Windows).

Ok, it took some doing, some code modifications, making a program to align the models, but Wing Commander Saga is now working on Raspberry PI.

It needs to use the modified 3.7.2 build :

And this version of wing commander saga with aligned models and uncompressed textures (i still cant enable S3TC on my RPI, im runnign on Mesa 19 IT SHOULD BE WORKING but is not). If you have S3TC support the regular 0.9.4 version should work ok, even trought it has unaligned models.
Im not sure if its fully playable, the first 4 missions can be completed, thats all i know.

Know problems: tech room crashes, this is a sideeffect of converting textures to pngs, also happens on x86, just dont go there.

On the bad news, Diaspora is out, too low FPS.


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