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Before you step in, pledge proper homage to Neo-Terra!

A random idea popped-up on Discord. A skin pack for NTF warships, to be used in MediaVPs. Although it is not likely to happen, as it would be too radical change compared to vanilla FS2 campaign, a working prototype in form of Deimos reskin emerged from the debate... So I decided to make couple more and release as reskin pack. The main goal was painting large NTF emblem on the ships to put emphasis on proud, secessionist nature of the Neo-Terran Front. Also I recolored them to give NTF their dedicated color scheme. Why blue lights and cables? Stupid question. For Earth! For Neo-Terra! And... Rule of cool.

The pack so far include Fenris, Aeolus, Deimos and Orion.

Q: Why no Leviathan?
A: Because current Leviathan was textured by other artists, and I cannot edit it's source files so easily.

Q: Fighters? Bombers?
A: I can make Perseus, Myrmidon and possibly Herc II if I ask Axem about the source files, but the other NTF fighters are awaiting for rework. There is no point in making reskins of outdated assets.

Q: How to use this?
A: Tables are not included, as they are reskins of MediaVPs models. Copy retail tables, add custom stuff from MediaVPs and enjoy the show.
A2: ...or do what Sarn did, and use Texture Replacement option in Fred.
A3: ...or use table-based texture replacement.

Q: Are they going to be included in MediaVPs?
A: I have no idea, but probably no

Q: Why the main folder in the package is named "****"?
A: Because, ehh... It's actually a package from my Knossos test mod. I forgot to rename it, and I'm too lazy to upload 200mb+ package again o__O.


Okay... The sceenshots!


All hail Neo-Terra! And pax Neo-Terra!

I'll claim a copy of the Kill-a-Zod starter pack~

Before reading the title of this thread, a dedicated NTF capital ship paint scheme would never have occurred to me. Before reading the content of this thread, I would have scoffed at the idea of a dedicated NTF capital ship paint scheme. Before seeing these screenshots, I would have said that the very idea of a dedicated NTF capital ship paint scheme would be silly and impractical.

I'd very much like to see these skins in action on a replay of the original FS2 campaign; I just might do that someday soon.

I followed the discussion on Discord and I really have to admit that those screenshots changed my mind. They look gorgeous and also match what you'd expect from a faction full of pride such as the NTF, with their huge logos painted on warships in order to mark even more the difference between Neo Terrans and the GTVA. A similar color scheme could be applied to spacecraft such as the Hercules, IMO.

I was reluctant at first, but I do believe these reskins should be part of the MVPs and featured in the main FS2 campaign. Many custom made campaigns would benefit from these additions, too.

I've been looking for a way to "subtly" distinguish the three NTF subfactions in The Lost Generation, these will do nicely for command ships of the Supremacist faction (the Initiated probably don't need one, because Iceni, and the Opportunists by design would not paint logos on their ships).


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