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...aka GTCa Hyperion or ORCa Syr Darya.

I wanted it to happen from a looooong time. And finally have a moment :]... And it's been a while since my last release of custom ship.

Many people contributed to this thing. So there is a full list of credits:

* Original design: Ryx
* Modelling: Mostly me. Uses Fenris parts by Hades and multipart turret made by DahBlount
* Texturing: Collaboration between me and Mjn.Mixael
* Conversion, tabling, testing: Admiral Nelson
* Texture conversion: EatThePath
Have fun :]

The Dagger:
A beautiful final product, congratulations to all involved!

Trivial Psychic:
DAMN!  How many more Unification War model releases can I expect soon?  I recently finished playing through the campaign with some of the new fighter models, but with this and the gas miner, I just might have another go at it... unless there's a reason to hold off for more.

Unless Mjn has plans to do more, I guess this is the last one. Adm. Nelson already replaced the rest of old UW assets with other models of higher quality.

Luis Dias:
Beautiful, congratulations to everyone involved.


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