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Hygeia Docking Avoidance

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I had this issue as well when I played the latest version a couple weeks ago. The support ship would just kind of hover around my ship but not dock. I recall the issue appearing towards the end of the game in some missions.

Oh and this was on FSO 21.4.0 running 4.5.1 MediaVPs.

Hello, sorry for the delay.

Which ships are having the issue?  Some have pointed out on discord that the waypoint paths may be to blame.

Also, which mods are you using when this happens?  Your log should have all the imformation needed, should you have one ready to go.  Be aware that the log is only relevent if you just recently played the same mod package (including mediavps).

Please post your fs2_open.log file.  Instructions on how to do this can be found in this post.

The root cause of this bug has been found:

--- Quote ---Thanks to some detective work by Renegade Paladin, the root cause has been identified. Due to a bug dating from the introduction of $ai path mode: in 2011, it was not actually used until the bug was fixed in #3610. Then, because the MediaVPs overrode the base-level profile, the alt1 pathing mode was applied to every mod.

The next version of the MediaVPs will a) use their own FSU MEDIAVPS profile rather than overriding the base profile, and b) not use the alt1 pathing mode. Unfortunately, end users will not see the fix until the new version is released.
--- End quote ---

I afraid to report that, having downloaded and played FSO version 22, that the Hygeia docking avoidance bug is still present - specifically in the same mission "Dunkerque" (I can duplicate the bug over and over at the end of that mission - but I am unable to witness/observe the bug in any other missions thus far, nor have I seen the bug in FS Post or Silent Threat).

Can anyone else confirm this? Play through the same mission and complete it successfully, then stick around after the Messana departs and the Arcadia installation blows up and wait for your wingmen to ask for for a reload and see if this same phenomenon occurs with your installation. This is with the latest version of FSO (22) and the latest MediaVPs. I'm going to try this mission without the MediaVPs to see if it behaves differently and report back here what I find.

This bug should be fixed once the next MediaVPs release is out.


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