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Feature Request: Definable Head-ani List


Trivial Psychic:
I've been doing some FREDding for TBP and that mod has quite the list of head anis, which requires you to copy and paste the name of any that don't correspond to the defaults that FRED expects.  I would like an addition to the messages table allowing you to define a list of head anis that will automatically show up in FRED for that mod.  It would also be nice if there's a field to tell FRED to ignore its default list, so the original ones won't show up on the list.  A nice little side window in FRED to show you what that head looks like would be nice too, but I'd settle for the definable head list... if its possible.

This wouldn't be terribly difficult.  The hardest part would be adding a new section to messages.tbl.  After that, the list can be used in the event editor where Disable_hc_message_ani is currently referenced.

Post this as an issue on GitHub and I'll assign it the good first issue label.


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