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Hello everyone and happy 2022 for those who will read it in the new year!
Is AI action behaviour hardcoded or is there a table file for it?

For example, is there any place where I can find the actions available to a destroyer VS a fighter?


AI behavior is subject to a number of tables:

- ai_profiles.tbl -
... which contains global AI settings which can be set on a per-mission basis.

- ai.tbl -
... which creates the AI classes you can set a ship to in FRED. It can also set class specific overrides for flags set in AI_profiles.tbl.

- objecttypes.tbl -
... sets basic rules for the AI to be used with the object type flag (e.g. "cruiser" ) which a ship has. Among other things, if a ship will maneuver to broadside.

- game_settings.tbl -
... under "#OTHER SETTINGS" has as one or two settings which can impact AI behavior, but unlike the previous tables doesn't set rules per se.

Thank you for the info.
Interesting, I seem to have only AI.tbl, guess it's time to update my FSO...

Many of those tables are optional, so it's no surprise.

To elaborate, FSO versions don't come with any tables at all. The values that those tables would set have internal defaults that generally maintain the retail behavior, and a mod can add the tables to change them.


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