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Tribute - MS Paint The FS Moments

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Legate Damar:
How about a sequel?

That's fine, just make it easy to understand next time  :p

Legate Damar:
It makes complete sense... if you consider who the various factions are supposed to represent. They are even color-coded for your convenience.

The Dagger:
I think it's about Shivans who face firstly the brown guys and destroy them.
Then they find the green ones. In their offensive, they are overwhelmed by a joint force of different enemies.
However, they rebuild their fleet with some asteroid material. Back on the offensive, their enemies retreat and collapse the jump node between them.
Some elements of the Shivan fleet get through though. Once there, the previous alliance against shivans dissolves letting the green guys alone.
During the combats, a lone green ship tells the Shivans that all is part of some complot scheme.
While at it, they're discovered by the green authorities that try to destroy them, but the shivan ship escapes and reports the situation.
The shivans trash some green armada including some big capital ship hiding into a green gas giant(I guess...).
After that, they go into a world inhabited by the green people and destroy it. The green fleet flees the scene collapsing the node after them.
The shivans construct some knossos device and get to the green's homeworld.
Once there and before the final battle, some orange ship (Vishnans? would explain the BP reference) appear.
Suddenly all shivan ships get warped somewhere (another reality?) and some green fellows get stuck with them.

So, what I'd like to know is this:
- who is each faction? I think red is shivan, green Terran, orange vishnan but I got no clue on the rest.
- is this the plot for your children of shiva campaign?
- what the hell is that blue thing with a question mark over it?
- am I crazy or did I get something right out of that thing?

Luis Dias:
That's some powerful literary analysis going on there mate!


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