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Robin Varley:
Do not read if you suffer from stress, anxiety or heart problems.

Well this ones still got me stumped, I've read the post on the VBB which tells you how to implement them, and very useful it was too.  Getting them to work is no problem, all the one's I've created work properly, in so far as that they get bigger correspoding to how fast you set your speed and such.  The problem is getting the animated texture to appear on them.  In the VBB post is says give them any texture not used by the rest off the model and then afterwards edit the model file with a hex heditor and change the name of the texture to thruster01.bmp (thats no problem to do either) - then FS2 should use the animateed texture on it in game.  Sounds easy enough, so i do this and all I get is the thuster flame no animated texture.  The bit I'm unsure of is that is says to make sure the texture flame maps only once onto the thruster model, so I've gotta feeling that this is more a problem to do with truspace 2, presumably it's a UV mapping thing - I dont know if anyone else has got truspace 2, but there are only 3 UV maps you can apply, cylinder, planer and spherical, there is no "box" like option.

I know some of you can do it...please help me.

Oh and one more little thing, any one know how do you do the single texture maps used on, for instance fighters?

Thank you bearing with with me, those of you who made it through this post alive anyway.

As I'm not a modeller, I don't know the question to your main question unfortunately. Email Dark (  [email protected]  ), Bobboau (  [email protected]  ) or Styxx (  [email protected]  ) for any in-depth info you need on modelling, as they are considered the experts in modelling for FS2, and deservedly so.

--- Quote ---Originally posted by Robin Varley:
Oh and one more little thing, any one know how do you do the single texture maps used on, for instance fighters?
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As it happens, I was working on this problem also. I was going to try and get a freighter to use only one image map instead of two. I'm currently trying to resolve the problem.  

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Griffon UK:
try changing the thing in a hex editor to thruster.ani

just a hunch, but its what the files are called in the VPs

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Robin Varley:
i'll try the ani thing - never really occured to me, doh.  And I see about emailing the Ubergods of MOD'ing soon as my e-mail is fixed

thruster01.ani not thruster.ani, wont work if you put that

thruster01.ani = terran
thruster02 = vasudan or shivan*
thruster03 = vasudan or shivan*

i forget which

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