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Gaming Discussion / Re: What are you playing right now?
« Last post by DefCynodont119 on July 22, 2018, 01:07:23 am »
I have been playing Skyrim with the Bruma mod installed, and I couldn't help but notice some of the voices sounded very familiar. .

Admiral Po of the GTD Intrepid (BtA) and the court adviser in Castle Bruma are clearly the same voice actor, but I also think one of the generic guard voices sounds a lot like Lorna Simms from Blue Planet. . . but I could be wrong on that one.

I never really thought about where/how mods get their voice actors from before, now I'm curious.
Fate of the Galaxy / Re: "Clone Wars" Revival
« Last post by Trivial Psychic on July 21, 2018, 11:58:30 pm »
I also watched the Clone Wars 10th Anniversary Panel at the San Diego Comic-Con.  I had already seen the teaser beforehand, but you can really feel the intensity of the crowd as they realize what just happened as they're viewing the teaser.
Fate of the Galaxy / Re: "Clone Wars" Revival
« Last post by wookieejedi on July 21, 2018, 10:50:20 pm »

It came as quite the surprise to me, but its about F-ing time.

I was so surprised! I am very excited for it, and I am happy to see so many other fans are as well.
FreeSpace & FreeSpace Open Support / Re: Knossos Blue Planet lighting pre-sets
« Last post by AV8R on July 21, 2018, 08:59:33 pm »
FrikgFeek, thanks for posting this. A lot of people (myself included) have been looking for a bit of help with the lighting settings post 3.8.0 since they seem a bit harder to tweak with the move to the new lighting algorithm. Getting that really dark, moody, realistic look with the new engine is a little harder to do now - but your clear explanations of what each setting does makes it a little easier to try new combinations to get a possibly desired effect.

Thanks for the info/clarification.  :yes:
FreeSpace Discussion / Re: The Freespace Campaign Journey [Many Spoilers]
« Last post by Cyborg17 on July 21, 2018, 06:17:08 pm »
And there it was.  I actually have played it before, and I think I just didn't remember switching between the two campaigns.  :nervous:

They were a quick play at only 4 missions each.

Cardinal Spear & Cardinal Spear: Vega

Chronology: Pre-Great War

Quick impressions: Primitive, Structured

Short Description: Cardinal Spear is perhaps the best known pre-FS1 campaign around.  It has been updated by the FSCRP and has a lot of strengths. 

The good: Well-structured, well-tested, very polished.  Not too short, not too long. The campaigns are really meant to be played together and work together well. The author also got really creative with their custom weapons.  They are primitive, but also fun.

The meh: You have to keep shock waves in mind since you have no shields.  The command briefing voice actor is little low, so you may have to boost the voice volume.

The bad: The last mission feels like it was designed so that you, yourself, would feel like a hero, which takes you out of the Freespace flow a little, since Fresspace is really about the squadron.

What else: This campaign features fleet sensible FS1 fleet combat, a rarity.  It also has an ensemble cast from the hard-light community as voice actors. Finally, the skyboxes were created by Herra Tohtori, who is our resident astronomer, and they look wonderful -- and accurate.

Campaign length: Medium

Credits:  Adam "Ace" Rorabaugh
High Poly Planets / High Rez Planet Textures: Herra Tohtori
New Suns: m2258734a
Hard Light Voice Actors:
Getter Robo G
Ransom Arceihn
Admiral Nelson
Just Another Day / Re: How do you skip the non-mission parts?
« Last post by Axem on July 21, 2018, 04:17:40 pm »
Well there's no "proper" way to skip through the endless walls of text, but there two ways you could just play missions. Go into the tech room and to the mission simulator and when you have campaign missions selected, press Shift Ctrl S (all at once) and it will temporarily unlock all the missions in the campaign. In general, mission filenames ending in B and D are actual space sim gameplay ones.

Alternatively, set your difficulty to "Very Easy" and when you're in the campaign mission select map (the one with the fancy scrolling buttons), everything will be unlocked there. (But you'll be stuck in Very Easy)
Getting Started / Re: New player having some trouble
« Last post by sixstringedmatt on July 21, 2018, 03:19:23 pm »
Thanks for the additional questions and suggestions all! I'll try to get to this today or tomorrow- things have been crazy lately.

I did also find a good deal on a Logitech F310 and should receive it Thursday. With dinput, xinput, and it's own drivers and profiles I'm hoping this will resolve the controller issue if the above doesn't.
Fate of the Galaxy / Re: Summer 2018 newsletter, "We're not Dead" edition
« Last post by OverDhill on July 21, 2018, 02:47:03 pm »
Looking forward to this.  Great news guys
Just Another Day / How do you skip the non-mission parts?
« Last post by Assassin714 on July 21, 2018, 02:30:16 pm »
I don't like them. Most of the time I am just holding my mouse over the next text button and clicking as fast as possible to skip all of the dialogue without bothering to read any of it. I would rather just fly the missions.

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