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FreeSpace Conversion / Re: Hornet missiles absent in Exodus
« Last post by ralentor on April 23, 2018, 11:42:41 pm »
I finished Exodus, and the Banshee is now available for the next mission, but the Hornets are still absent.  However, they are available in the mission simulator for Exodus, along with the Banshee.

No worries, I'm going to keep going and not sweat it.  The Hornets will probably show up in the campaign eventually, and if not, I can always use the Interceptors.
MechCommander OmniTech / Re: Bugged units?
« Last post by zzc on April 23, 2018, 10:18:55 pm »
Strangely after creating new units it works fine now  :banghead: weird
Inferno / Re: New Eyecandy Thread
« Last post by CT27 on April 23, 2018, 10:18:52 pm »

Inferno: Nostos launches this year.

I'm really looking forward to playing this. :)
MechCommander OmniTech / Optics - any use?
« Last post by zzc on April 23, 2018, 10:13:44 pm »
What use are optics? To see ECM mech?

There are 4 types.

In vanilla MC2 they were present on any mech that did not have sensors or was it every mech? Only the standard type though.
MechCommander OmniTech / Run speed
« Last post by zzc on April 23, 2018, 10:06:41 pm »
Maxrunspeed in the csv cannot change the running speed, which animations need to be changed?
FreeSpace Conversion / Re: Hornet missiles absent in Exodus
« Last post by ralentor on April 23, 2018, 07:07:49 pm »
The Banshee and Hornet Swarm entries are already there in the Tech room.  I didn't have to Ctrl-Shift-S.

I also haven't activated any other mods.  I installed FSO using the FSO installer, played the main FS2 campaign, and then activated the FS Port Mission Upgrade to play the FS1 campaign.

When I finished Doomsday, I intended to replay it to get the Galatea Survivor medal because I had lost one escape pod.  However, I must've accidentally accepted the outcome because when I restarted the game the next day, I was already on the Bastion.  Maybe something happened at this point that caused the missing weapons.

I'm going to complete Exodus and see if those two weapons become available in the next mission.  I seem to remember that happening once before with the Prometheus cannon where it became available on the next mission after it was supposed to show up.  Maybe my pilot file is mildly corrupted somehow.
Release date trailer!

Trailer itself is honestly a bit meh, but I'm excited for the game.
Site Support / Feedback / Re: Post-server move issues
« Last post by Goober5000 on April 23, 2018, 05:17:51 pm »
Sure, I've got time :)

How much I can do depends on how long the articles should be and how heavily they have to be edit. Also English isn't my first languange, so it needs to be checked, anyway.

Also, I'm rather good at writing, not HTML or so...

That's fine. :)  Just post or PM the text you want to include, and we'll do the rest.

For starters, take a look at the top of the front page, where it says "THE GAME", "WHO WE ARE", and "GET INVOLVED".  See what you can come up with for those pages.
FreeSpace Conversion / Re: Hornet missiles absent in Exodus
« Last post by Goober5000 on April 23, 2018, 05:12:40 pm »
Yeah I just looked at my own files, and both the original FS1 mission, and the FSPort mission it was based on, have the proper events.  Since the Upgrade Pack is based on FSPort it should work too.

I can think of two possibilities:

1) You skipped past Doomsday, e.g. by failing the mission 5 times, and maybe that prevented the Hornet from being allowed
2) There is some mod incompatibility that is preventing you from using the Hornet.

If you press Ctrl-Shift-S to make all weapons visible, can you find the Hornet in the tech room?
Gaming Discussion / Re: Battletech game?
« Last post by 0rph3u5 on April 23, 2018, 05:02:48 pm »
Quote from: Battletech Kickstarter-Email
Note that GOG keys won't activate the game until Tuesday, April 24th at 9am PDT.

Right during my last class of the day :)

I will hop right in once I get home (download time permitting)
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