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I think on IRC I expressed my ****ing love of this ship. The normal and glow maps are both excellent.


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The normal and glow maps are both excellent.
:yes: The whole thing is great, but the glowmaps caught my eye.


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Loving the blue glows
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I love it all. And specially the brown, since it was the object of silly hatred the last page.

It's not wood, for christ sake. It's Cor-Ten steel! (because naval ships' steel is always a badass choice to go for in spaceships!)


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Quality. Sheer freaking quality.


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Thanks. You guys are awesome. :D

In return for your appreciation I am releasing it! I just tweaked the normal maps and compressed everything to DDS. I altered the tbl a bit to work with FS, since I use custom weapons and an armor.tbl, but it should work. Well, except for one thing but I'll leave that as a surprise. :7



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Re: [RELEASE] TF Proton
Those normals are something else, very industrial.


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Re: [RELEASE] TF Proton
Awesome fighter :).
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if you stretch the nose to a point does anyone else seeing SW:Dark Forces, (something or other crow?) ?

Yeah, definitely seeing the Moldy Crow/Raven's Claw in there.
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Like this. Looks solid and chunky without looking like it's made out of legos.