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Still waiting for SD Demon and NTF Boadicea to receive some love.
I have Boadicea cleaned and halfway-mapped. I even started some texturing, but this part I need to start again with different software.

I will finish it, but with very limited time I have today I don't know when. It's a big project. Don't wait for it with the next release.

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I made a SpaceEngine version of StarField.Pof, I can give it to you if you want.

It's NOT Sol, I few to a random place in the Milky Way using SpaceEngine and took a skybox pic.
It's basically just the regular star field but with the Milky Way on it.

Also ancient-shivan war has some awesome warpmap textures, and they are literally just textures so they can easily be dragged and dropped over the old ones.
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Re: MediaVPs Update Halp!
Erm, is anyone working on new mediavp compilation pack? I remember seeing all these beatiful models but they have not yet been implented to any vp pack?
Sorry for asking

Re: MediaVPs Update Halp!
Okay now I am wondering too, it has been very quiet for a while. I am not demanding a new version, just an update on how things are going.


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Re: MediaVPs Update Halp!
I intend to get this done soon (tm). Currently traveling around Europe, though.
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Re: MediaVPs Update Halp!
Nice! Have a good trip! What parts exactly?


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Re: MediaVPs Update Halp!
Nice to hear :-)
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Re: MediaVPs Update Halp!
Q. Are there any models that are unreleased so far and get included/finished? I remember there was a new Deimos (probably by Hades) somewhere.

BTW, whenever the Long Range Flak is being renamed and the Sathanas is still there (not renamed) it will have 2 missing weapons, for mv_assets-shp.tbm adds them to Turret 49 and 50 again.


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Re: MediaVPs Update Halp!
nuDeimos is UVmapped, but not textured as far as I know.