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(Un)Official Voiceactors' Group?

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I'd enrol, but I'm not sure how much call there'd be for a very English Accent in Freespace, except whenever someone wants the words 'Epsilon Pegasi' spoken. Come to think of it, that's kind of like our very own Leeeroy Jeeenkins!!

Well, the lack of accent variety was the biggest fault of the voice work in the main campaign. I think this project would benefit from any diversity it can find.

Flipside, try playing through the re-released Derelict.  Well more than half of the voiceactors in there are of the non-American persuasion, and the overall effect is great.  In fact, there were times when my own little American-accented voice felt pretty much outnumbered. :p (Seriously, though, the fully-voiceacted campaign is a real treat to play through.)

At any rate, thanks for the help, Goober.  I was afraid I'd have to perform a self-bump, but it's nice to see that there is some actual interest here.  Do you think that a news post would be worthwhile, for those people who may not browse this forum on a daily basis?

They'll probably see the board reorganization. :),126.0.html

I felt horrible when my derelict fs2 save got clobbered from a friend playing the normal fs2 campaign without switching campaigns in the launcher :(
But, diverse voice actors are great in derelict. First off, it really reflects that terrans really come from a bunch of areas in the galaxy, and they don't speak the same. You'd expect people from capella to sound differently than those from sol or other star systems. Derelict captured that really great with it's diverse voice acting. Anyway i'm up for doing voice acting myself :) It sounds like fun, and i really want to do something like that. As far as my voice goes, it's alaskan, and it really is different from what i've been told :p


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