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PSP games: anything worth getting?
Ok, i might get a PSP for my birthday. But my dad says i'm getting pretty old for handhelds. And he said, if i find some stuff that will really make it worth it, i might get one. But, i'm have trouble even finding games. Does anyone know some really good games for it i can look into?
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Re: PSP games: anything worth getting?
Get Ace Combat X ;7
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Re: PSP games: anything worth getting?
For starters, tell him that the PSP is not some Gameboy with an 8-colour display. The PSP is essentially and entertainment machine that, in addition to playing games, can be used for watching videos and listening to music. You might want to try and emphasise that if you get a PSP, it'll effectively negate the need for a separate MP3 player. Right?
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Re: PSP games: anything worth getting?
I know that. I already have a couple movie clips that i would like to... surreptiosly put on there. (no porn, i mean like spoof stuff that has swears in it)
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Re: PSP games: anything worth getting?
well, Daxter is apparently a good platform adventure game, and if your folks only approve of shooter with plots....well I point to Metal Gear Solid:Portable Ops.  Traditionally its possible to play MGS without killing anyone.  (its bloody hard to do that though!)  and then of course if you're ever going to sneak a game on there, there is God of War: Chains of Olympus...just don't let your folks see you with it.  thats my short list,although there is lots of other games i'd get. 

Disclaimer: I don't have a psp, i just know what i'd buy if i got one....anyone wanna buy me one you can ship it to Toronto, Canada.....
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Re: PSP games: anything worth getting?
Just port old dos games. :pimp:


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Re: PSP games: anything worth getting?
PSP handhelds are literally everywhere no matter where I go nowadays. Don't own one myself and not interested in owning one at all, but I do know how to use them (at least a bit of it anyway).

Some of the games the people around me are playing, some Japanese game called patapon, then you have things like Silent Hill, Monster hunter, Final Fantasy Crisis Core (the "in" thing as at the time of typing), Tekken DR, Gundam SEED (something) versus ZAFT Portable and those DJ games ported from the arcades...

For racing games I can only suggest Burnout Legends and Street Supremacy... the Wangan Midnight portable is a bad clone of the latter... Burnout is fun enough but not for those who've already played B3/Revenge on the Xbox/X360. Game runs at a low fps imo... hardcore fast slammers who can do triple takedowns every 10 seconds won't like it at all I figure...
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Re: PSP games: anything worth getting?
I'm selling mine with about 8 games or so if you're interested.

Good games:
Ratchet + Clank
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Re: PSP games: anything worth getting?
Fight night round three.....

And my personal faves for multiplayer, The Monster Hunter SEries..

Re: PSP games: anything worth getting?
Everybody's forgetting R-Type Command.  :sigh:

Or... is that not released yet?
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Re: PSP games: anything worth getting?
Yep i forgot it...........Go buy that one too :D


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Re: PSP games: anything worth getting?
Both the Burnout games.

Tekken Dark Resurrection is excellent.

Wipeout Pure

The Katamari port is decent

Loco Roco is a blast, Lumines is good, so is Lumines II

Monster Hunter was decent, Jeanne D'Arc demo was neat, and i hear the ful game is good. The Final Fantasy game was actually supposed to be really good.

And of course, there are all the discount UMD movies out there. Hours of fun :)
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