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Re: homeplanet gold? just for you!!!
Signed and also donated. :) Eh... eh... It would be great if I were a programmer and were able to contribute more eh!!!
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Re: homeplanet gold? just for you!!!
rbxplayer is served!

Anyone else?

note: no donations are necessary (should you elect to donate, the fundings do not go to me (of course) but to the ipetition site hosting my project sylpheed petition).


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Re: homeplanet gold? just for you!!!
ps: im getting a 404 - file not found on the patch


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Re: homeplanet gold? just for you!!!
Because the link get's wrong over the internet. I'll post it here in a few minutes.

EDIT: Here it is -


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Re: homeplanet gold? just for you!!!
I installed the patch and got this message box - no idea what it says


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Re: homeplanet gold? just for you!!!
I got it too. Worked fine anyway. I think it's just a confirmation that the patching is done, as it was very quick.


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Re: homeplanet gold? just for you!!!
right! anyone else?


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Re: homeplanet gold? just for you!!!
One thing that some people might need to get cleared up : this is NOT HomeWorld. It's HomePlanet - something you probably never heard of unless you watch the video, screenshots and etc. posted in this topic.


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Re: homeplanet gold? just for you!!!
What's the ETA on the translation?


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Re: homeplanet gold? just for you!!!
seconded with out the translation the game is fairly useless
i can rotate but cant move forward or fire (i have tried every single key on the keyboard)
plus i have absolutely no idea where im supposed to be going (if i could go) or what im supposed to be doing

it sort of reminds me of tarr chronicles...


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Re: homeplanet gold? just for you!!!
Haha. Giving up on a TRAINING mission? :p

Ok, here's what you gotta do - press the keys they give you, try to understand the objectives.
And when you get to move, you got to turn towards the station, and then towards the instructor. :p ;)


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Re: homeplanet gold? just for you!!!


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Re: homeplanet gold? just for you!!!
Suggestion: to get a hang of controls, either download the Homeplanet English Demo or Babylon 5: I've Found Her (the controls are essentially the same). I haven't had time to play yet, but I am also curious about what the ETA is on a translation.

May I also make a suggestion: It could be useful to have the translation staggered in two parts: 1.) An interface translation: buttons, labels, etc... This would make the game much more playable for those who aren't nearly as... enthusiastic about the foreign language immersion approach as other. It strikes me this could be done a lot sooner than a full translation. Then 2.) Full subtitle translation.

Heck, people probably wouldn't even mind if the first translation was just the result of running everything through Babelfish. Even poor English is easier to read for non Russian speakers than excellent Russian. :)

Just some thoughts. Anyways, thanks for the offering! I'm looking forward to making some time to play (hopefully sometime in the near... or not too distant future).
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Re: homeplanet gold? just for you!!!
My PC is a bit old to film this. :p

And regarding the English patch, yea, it needs to be done ASAP, and at least the interface at first. But the translation needs to be good, not bad english. Starlord, can you ask Oleg about the progress?


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Re: homeplanet gold? just for you!!!

Ok, here's what you gotta do - press the keys they give you,

good in theory except i am not given any keys - i have pressed every key on the keyboard and none of them are mapped to thrust


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Re: homeplanet gold? just for you!!!
Thrust is disabled in the training until you do the first objectives. I told you- turn to the station, then to the instructor. After you do that, you will have to press I and N and go to the NAV point Alpha. Thrust up by pressing W, and down with S. Inertial by SPACE and it keeps the speed and direction. Shoot and turn with mouse.

When I get back, I'll post the controls in english, and probably a walkthrough for the training. Just wait a bit.

This game is awesome. Totally new experience.


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Re: homeplanet gold? just for you!!!
i'm glad to hear that!


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Re: homeplanet gold? just for you!!!
Ok, seems I can do so now. I would have posted this half an hour earlier, but the power just went off :p

Ok, I'm too lazy to go through training again for the tutorial, so you'll just have to be intuitive on what to do.

And the english demo readme file ( includes basic controls ). It will make it much easier for you all :

Homeplanet public demo (beta) readme file

1. Overview
2. System requirements
4. Game description.
5. FAQ


Homeplanet is a classic space fight simulator, based on a real Newton
physic model. Some similar games: X-Wing series, Wing Commander,
The Troiden Clan is a Klouto outcast. Its members have to leave the
planet and plunge into the search for a new home. The whole game
action is taking place in space and the game is finished after Troiden
clan finds its new home. The main character is a Troiden clan pilot.
The main objective is to save the clan.
To read more about the game universe, please visit or site:

The game is in development, so be aware of changes.

System requirements

Joystick is strongly recommended!

Minimal requirements - P2-266, 128 MB RAM, OpenGL graphic accelerator,
sound card
Recommended - P3-800, 256 MB RAM, GeForce3 (Radeon 8500), A3D or EAX
sound card, joystick


Note: Most of these keys are reprogrammable inside the game.


Throttle JOYSTICK Throttle
Increase throttle W
Decrease throttle S/td>
Zero throttle BACK
Match speed with target ENTER
Pitch up UP
Pitch down DOWN
Yaw left LEFT
Yaw right RIGHT
Roll left C
Roll right Z
Slide LALT/JOYSTICK button5
Slide left JOYSTICK pov left
Slide right JOYSTICK pov right
Slide up JOYSTICK pov up
Slide down JOYSTICK pov down
Afterburner TAB/JOYSTICK button6
Inertial mode override JOYSTICK button3
Inertial mode toggle SPACE


Fire primary mouse button 1/JOYSTICK button 1
Next primary weapon '/'/ JOYSTICK button7
Secondary fire mouse button 3/JOYSTICK button 2
Fire decoy V


Left window mode O
Right window mode P
Contact list filter K
Contact list mode L
Next message PGUP
Previous message PGDN
Next target/waypoint >
Previous target/waypoint
Nearest hostile H
Nearest friendly F
Nearest neutral G
Nearest attacker E
Nearest target's attacker R
Target in reticle mouse button 2/JOYSTICK button 4
Remember target 1 SHIFT-F5
Remember target 2 SHIFT-F6
Remember target 3 SHIFT-F7
Remember target 4 SHIFT-F8
Restore target 1 F5
Restore target 2 F6
Restore target 3 F7
Restore target 4 F8
Next subsystem group ]
Previous subsystem group [
Next subsystem ;


Shield toggle X
HUD mode toggle N
Mark all targets I
Self-diagnostics window KP4
Communication KP1
Objectives window KP5
Cockpit view F1
Free camera F2
External camera F3
Target view F4
Camera zoom in KP+
Camera zoom out KP-
Zoom M
Skip mission ALT-Q
Screenshot F12


All right, people, let's get started! Before we move on to real flight
training, read some insights on how to pilot a military spacecraft.

The Standard Neuroimplant Interface (SNI)
All imagery generated by on-board electronics is trasmitted to pilot's
brain via SNI (short for the standard neuroimplant interface). Pilots
of the Confederacy have all data projected on their retina. What a
primitive technology! In early days of space exploration information
appeared on a windshield, or HUD (Head-Up Display), as it was called
back then.
The look of SNI is shown on figure !!!!!

1. A circle showing area illuminated by ship's radar during missile
2. Aim indicator (crosshair).
3. Hull integrity and shield indicator.
4. Z-axis speed scale (i.e., it's a speed of your forward/backward
5 and 6. X- and Y-axis speed scales.
7. Range scale for missiles.
8. Inertial mode indicator.
9. Contact list.
10. Target information or a list of available contacts.
11. Combined detection system radar.
12. Messages and tasks window.
13. Fuel indicator.
14. Weapons indicator.

Space Combat Basics


Well, I hope you now understand what SNI does. Let's continue our
lesson. And I don't care where you're from and who you were before!
All you should be concerned with now is the Prometheus station and
your first real umm, almost real fighter. Forget about qualification
tests, simulator training and all other crap. Only real training will
turn your stupid young newbies like you into real ace pilots! You will
be flying Rexes, these orbital fighters are used for several decades
now, but have a good advantage, because they're capable of flighting
both in space and athmosphere. Thanks to hours spend on simulator
training, you now should be familiar with main principles of space
flight. Your ship has a huge inertion - remember it at all times. It
cannot come to a complete stop in a matter of seconds. This is real
life, cadets, not some fancy game or a holomovie.
You can control a ship using joystick, mouse, gamepad or keyboard.
Left-right, up-down standard stuff, easy to memorize. Speed control is
also ordinary: use throttle on joystick or "W" and "S" keyboard
buttons. Of course, you may change the default key configuration to
anything you want . In addition to usual maneuvers, your ship can move
sideways, or strafe. You can do it by pressing rotation keys while
holding the strafe key ("Alt" by default, or joystick button 7).
There are two flight control modes - cruising and inertial. In the
cruising mode, which is used by default, on-board computer will
automatically compensate all lateral acceleration, but top speed is
limited. Roughly speaking, the cruising mode is when your ship is
flying where you look.
The inertial mode is more interesting, but harder to master. There's
no speed limit or compensation. For exapmle, you can pick up speed,
activate the inertial mode and revolve on any axis you want while
moving in a set direction. It's a great way to deal with those pesky
stern attackers! If you turn on the inertial mode, you will see an
***INERTIAL*** indicator light up. It is black when your ship is in
the cruising mode.
By default, you can turn on/off the inertial mode by pressing "Space"
or joystick button 3.


First and foremost remember that your SNI has two modes of visual data
output - combat and navigational. The first is used to track and
target enemies, the second - for movement. Both modes designed to
display only relevant data. That is, you don't see any target
information in the nav mode while the combat mode hides all data on
nav points.
You can switch modes by pressing the "N" key (by default) and scroll
through available contacts or nav points with "". Keep in mind,
cadets, that navigation is how you live or die in space!
Let's review the combat mode. Surely, captains of hearses and
dust-ships hardly need that one, but you're fighter pilots and must
know the combat mode from A to Z! In lower part of the screen, right
in the middle of SNI you see a sphere. This is a combined detection
system radar. Your ship's computer processes data gathered from
various antennas and sensors and forms an image of current situation
in a radius of 250 klicks. Captial ships have more sophisticated
detection systems and can "see" farther ahead. You are located in the
centre of this sphere, other ships and objects are shown as coloured
dots and vectors relative to your whereabouts. If a vector points
toward the screen, the object is before you, if it points away from
the screen, the object is behind you.
Colours also have meaning. Allied ships are green, vessels of other
clans - red, the Confeds - purple, unknown objects - white, civil
craft - yellow. If you select an object (by pressing, for instance,
the "T" key - "target the object nearest to reticle "), you will see a
description of your current target in the "Target information" window
(name, status of shields, cargo etc.).


Now focus and pay attention! I'm gonna tell you about weapons and only
once, so be sure to jot down everything of importance.
First of all, target a nearby bogie (by using "H" key, for instance).
In order to hit a target, you have to fire at the aim indicator
crosshair. Yes, it's that easy! Crosshair will turn red if your
computer decides that a target can be hit. To hit an enemy ship with
missile, wait until guidance system locks on it (triangles surrounding
a target will stop blinking). Also be sure to check that your target
is located in the allowed launch area (triangles will turn red if it
is). Remember, cadets: basic energy weapons are great. But only
missiles will help you beat powerful adversaries!
Homing missiles are the most commonly used. They're very handy in a
variety of situations, but... They also have a serious drawback -
self-homing missiles can be easily detected and dispatched. But don't
sweat upon noticing one of those babies flying in your direction.
Believe me, this is the best situation you can hope for. If you are
being targeted, use ECMs and turn on the jammer! If a missile's
already on its way, launch flares ("F" key by default).
Another type of rockets is a semi-active homing missile. A choice of a
true ace! Your enemies will never know what hit 'em! Semi-active
missiles are launched just like homing ones, but there's a catch -
you'll have to illuminate your target first. It's a no-brainer, though
- just keep your target in SNI's main circle. By the way, here's a tip
from a vet. You don't have to illuminate a target before the launch.
Just pickle off a rocket first and then start tracking your target.
Non-guided missiles make yet another worthy addition to your arsenal.
They always fly straight, so destruction of a moving target with one
of these birds is next to impossible. Stationary targets, on the
contrary, can be despatched with ease. Raw power is their main
advantage. They don't have a targeting system thus rendering any ECM
A TV-guided missile allows manual correction of its trajectory. A very
effective weapon if used by a skillful pilot! A true ace can shack a
fly's asshole at any distance with this thing! No offense, cadets, but
such mastery is apparently beyond you. Yet.

Energy Shields

Now I'm going to tell you about shields. Which of you was bad at
school physics?! Step up and give me twenty no, make it fifty!
Energy shield is a forcefield, which fully or partially absorbs energy
of charges that hit it. About 80% of absorbed charge is converted into
thermal energy (shields heat up), 15% become light pulses and the rest
is transformed into other types of energy. This is a highly efficient
system: energy contained in, let's say, a missile becomes thermal
energy, heats up shields, which, in turn, are cooled down by space!
Alas, any system has flaws, and this one is not an exception. Shields
cool down bit by bit, so there's always a risk of overheating,
especially during intense battles. Overloaded shields turn off
What else can I say about shields Well, if your shields are dead,
leave everything and scarper! If you manage to wait and cool them
down, you'll be living to see another day. And don't miss the moment
unless you want to become a submolecular substance! By the way, the
majority of ships is protected by a single forcefield, except for
turrets and missile launchers which are located outside.
But wait, there's more. Shields are powerless against laser cannons of
capital ships. Surely, nobody's going to laser-burn your Rexes - it's
like using a steam-hammer to crack nuts, but keep this information in

Q: What are those strange voices?
A: This demo-versions sounds are forged in Russian. Its all ok.
Q: My joysticks axes are witched. What should I do?
A: Go to the controls menu and set them there.
Q: Hey, I am down too often! What's up?
A: For greater performance you should learn how to aim and to shot
simultaneously. Get some practice.
Q: Enemy missiles are too deadly. What's the problem?
A: If you are being targeted, use ECMs (B key by default) and turn on
the jammer! If a missile's already on its way(missile blinking on
HUD), launch flares (V key by default). In general it should help to
Q: The game is not running. Any ideas?
A: Please, update your latest video and audio drivers.

Re: homeplanet gold? just for you!!!
so, i sign the petition.  I would like to see an english version of HP someday :)
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My english isn't very well, so sorry for a few mistakes.

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Re: homeplanet gold? just for you!!!
Deepstar served.

Anyone else?