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The Lost Generation - Ashcroft: Looking for Trailer narrator(s)


HLP, I've come to bargain.

For two of the three trailers planned to promote the release of "The Lost Generation - Ashcroft" I need one or two narrators. The roles are fairly minor as what is required is re-create/-imagine portions of the Intro to Freespace 2, in one chase almost straight-up in another with a huge twist.

Requirements are:
- fluent in English (no or subdued accent prefered)
- At least one weekend of time in late April/May for rehersal and direction (each role)

While it it not required both roles should be seperate voice actors. For one of the trailers having a female voice actor is preferable but not required.

Please PM me with your are interested. A sample of your voice acting in advance is very much appricated.

ps. Before you ask why I don't simply take the audio form the Intro, the Intro is meant to introduce the player to a GTVA setting. Since TLG-A protagonist joined the NTF a slight adjustment of tone and delivery is required (not to mention there will be a change in the text itself for one trailer).


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