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Colonol Dekker:

--- Quote from: DrakonAlpha on February 17, 2019, 06:26:26 am ---Which launcher do I need to enter the credentials into? Is it the wxLauncher 0.12.0-rc3 or the FS2 Open Launcher 5.5d? Or something else?

--- End quote ---

Yeah it's literally all in the 1st post buddy.

That I have to use the included launcher is what had to be mentioned. Thanks.

Getting multiplayer mode work for FreeSpace 2 ist far to difficult.

Hey, me and a buddy are trying to get some MP going between ourselves. We both have a fresh install, we're only playing retail so we keep things as simple as possible in hopes of it getting to work, we both have validated PXO accounts, we both input our PXO logins in both the retail FS2 launcher as well as in-game. We can see each other and text chat in the Eleh channel, and the lobby will 'see' a game that one of us starts, but as soon as we go to the server list, no games are visible. Can I get a little advice/things I should doublecheck/things I did wrong questioning?

Being a host on the game requires port forwarding even if it's started through PXO.  Current builds support automated port forwarding, but that doesn't have a perfect success rate.  If the host forwards their ports properly, then there shouldn't be any issues.  If you have forwarded your ports and you still can't see each other on PXO, then that is a bug.

Here is a guide for port forwarding on netgear:

And linksys:


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