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A look into the future: Tester/Artist needed

Since Friends and Foes 2 is making good progress (almost half of the missions are done and most of the complicated stuff has been implemented successfully), this part might be released at the end of 2018. I know that's some time in the future, but I wanted to ask already if someone might then be interested to help so that I can plan better what can really be realised and what not.

What am I looking for?

Most important: A BETA tester with preferably english as his mother tongue or just very good english. So he can check my english since this was one of the major points of concern for Friends and Foes 1.

Second: Maybe an artist who can create a few .ani files for the command briefings (Logos, maybe a few simple weapon models). I also might need a new starmap.

I already found a main hall I might be able to use, but if this doesn't work, some experience with creating a simple main hall and other stuff related to the overall layout of the campaign would really help. The campaign is still playable without all of this, but it would really upgrade the project :) Because yes: I SUCK with everything related to creating graphics. Really, you should see my "starmap". It will make you cry  :lol:

So if anyone feels addressed to help me out, I would be very happy :)
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