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How do you skip the non-mission parts?


I don't like them. Most of the time I am just holding my mouse over the next text button and clicking as fast as possible to skip all of the dialogue without bothering to read any of it. I would rather just fly the missions.

Well there's no "proper" way to skip through the endless walls of text, but there two ways you could just play missions. Go into the tech room and to the mission simulator and when you have campaign missions selected, press Shift Ctrl S (all at once) and it will temporarily unlock all the missions in the campaign. In general, mission filenames ending in B and D are actual space sim gameplay ones.

Alternatively, set your difficulty to "Very Easy" and when you're in the campaign mission select map (the one with the fancy scrolling buttons), everything will be unlocked there. (But you'll be stuck in Very Easy)

The second solution would be perfect if it wasn't on 'very easy.' What a shame.

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