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Could I ask for a mod in FRED2 that you can grant a MULTI-PLAYER player a promotion when they reach enough points as referenced by the point table

My multiplayer character recently got 4138 points in Multiplayer but did not advance to Lt. JG


--- Code: ---Grant promotion (Action operator)

In a single player game, this function grants a player an automatic promotion to the next rank which the player can obtain.  If he is already at the highest rank, this operator has no effect.  It takes no arguments.
--- End code ---

The grant-promotion and the grant-medal SEXP work only in single player mode so I presume it's disabled there as the wiki entries for medals.tbl and rank.tbl hint different multiplayer treatment, so if you reached the score and nothing happened it is most likely impossible.

You can of course try to fake it, atleast you could mention that the player was promoted/got a medal.

Rank and Medals in Multiplayer was handled by PXO, because there was a account, you can register and log in, and so was recognizeable for all the statistics stuff.

Actually it should still be possible with the retail based PXO build.

Well, I signed up to PXO , but no one is ever around and it won't give you any stats if you play alone.  :hopping:
My mates don't have the time to play as much as I would like to..


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