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This particular part of the forum doesn't seem to be blooming with activity, but I know the community is otherwise still very active putting campaigns together... so I'm just going to throw this in (following the format recommended in the old sticky):

Accent: Naturally, light French note / can reproduce other accents to an extent
Past experience: 15 years of theatre, voicing for the Xwing-Alliance community (a long, long time ago...)
Pre-briefing, Admiral, phlegmatic (from Sol: A History)
Briefing, squad leader, slight British accent, slightly cocky (from Light of Antares)
Wing leader, confident
Transport pilot, panicking

Colonol Dekker:
Just a belated :welcome: and don't be afraid to contact project heads directly via pm or in their own subforums to link to your topic here.  👍👍


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