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3D Printed Freespace Models For Sale

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So here's the deets...

I've been 3D printing some models of the ships in Freespace for myself but after sharing the results in the Discord I got a few requests to for me to make and sell them for people in the community to buy. Needless to say because of the collaborative nature of Freespace this makes things a little complicated. I did not after all create the original 3d models.

I've had a think about it and this is how I was thinking of doing it:

Cost of the model =
Cost of a filament spool +
Cost of shipping from New Zealand to Your Country +
A donation up to the purchaser.

I'm not okay profiting off these models (given that I didn't create the initial 3d model) so because of that I really only feel comfortable accepting a donation, up to the purchaser based on what they feel is fair. A donation helps me cover replacement parts for my printer and buying new paints/brushes etc and gives me a little for my time as these models do take a while to make.

This is the best way I could think to go about it. I really like model making and painting so I don't care about it being 'worth my time' in a monetary sense. It's a hobby I enjoy.

I'll be streaming my work on models as I paint them (both my own models and ones for y'all). I'll stream on Wednesday afternoon my time and you can find those streams at:

If you want one, here's what you should know:

These models take a while to make. They usually take 2-4 days to print and a several hours or so to paint so production will be slow.

If you already have the 3D model of the ship you want made that is really helpful to me, .STL files are best, but .POFs are also okay.

Just because a 3D Printer can make pretty much anything doesn't mean it will make anything well. Some models translate better to the real world than others. There's a reason I've only done Terran ships so far. Generally speaking, ships with thin parts, or complex curves or overhangs don't print easily.

Also keep in mind that I live in New Zealand which is (and this is a true New Zealand fact) located on the 4th moon of Jupiter so shipping is not the cheapest. About $15-25USD depending on which country you are in. I will confirm shipping costs for you before starting work on a model though.

So if all of the above sounds okay to you, contact me via email to put in an order at: [email protected]

Here are some examples of my work so far:

A Final Amendment on unpainted Models and providing .STLS. I am happy to provide unpainted models for those wishing to paint their own. The deal is basically the same as listed above, but the donation is way less important given that I don't have to prep and paint the ship. You just pay for the Material and Postage, and a little something for my time if able.

In regards to supplying extracted .STLs, feel free to get in touch. I have many on hand, but far from all. I'm more than happy to send them your way if you need. Otherwise, here's my full guide on how to extract them from the game, and turn them into a real thing for yourself here

Good luck.

This is great, I'll definitely order an Earth Alliance fleet once Inferno Nostos Act II is released.  :yes:

I would love to have this, but I slightly worry about shipping costs from NZ to NL

So shipping has actually turned out quite a bit cheaper than expected if you don't mind the basic option. It works out usually around $15 USD, however that's the basic option so no tracking or signature verification. A courier with tracking and signature works out more like $40-50 USD

tbh i want this so bad but my partner will mock me for approx. 1 eternity.

That said... I really could use a GTD Bastion model... I'll just go ahead and save your email now.


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