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Voice Acting: The Battle of Neptune

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Dilmah G:

--- Quote from: Iain Baker on January 23, 2021, 05:59:39 am ---Hi there!

In theory I would be happy to help, but my mic is crap - its the integrated one with my equally crap 720p web cam. I'm hoping to upgrade to something better once I have some spa cash to do so.

In the meantime there is something you can do which should work as a stop-gap solution. Change all the in mission dialogues to have the +Wave Name: emptymsg.wav prefix thingy. This will turn off the static blips that indicate speech and allow the player's Text To Speech software to narrate it, as it will likely be doing already for briefings etc. (At least on Windows PC, it may not work as well for Linux). It's not as good as proper voice acting, but it is an improvement over having to try to read the text in-mission, and should be an easy fix, since it is a simple copy n' paste over the existing prefix thingy.

Hope this helps.   :)

--- End quote ---

So to echo Dekker, you should absolutely give VA-ing a go. Secondly, I ended up asking about getting TTS to work after your post last night and I'll create exemptions in the message table in the next update that allow TTS to be used for those who desire it.

--- Quote from: Strygon on January 23, 2021, 08:01:01 am ---I'd like to call dibs on Skull Kappa 1. Will have auditioning lines ready by next week if that's alright.

--- End quote ---
Consider it yours! Next week won't be a drama at all.

Iain Baker:
If you are happy to wait until next month I should have a better mic - I was planning on getting one soon anyway. I could then do pretty much any of them, even old Severanti if no one else volunteers. (I'm the right age at least - time to put the middle age spread and bald patch to good use ;-) )

Dilmah G:
Of course! You've virtually got your pick of the senior officers there.  :D

Anyone with iPhones, you can record your voice with the iPhone mic (It's very good) and then email the audio to you it's in .m4a format and can be recoded using Audacity.

I can do a British Naval Officer's accent immaculately. I could give Severanti a go, or any of the ship commanders.


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