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2008-09-17 - Conversion Fever!


Sept 17th 2008 - Conversion Fever!

I guess I should write here more often but it's not just my blog, it's the team's and they all seem a little shy at the moment. :D Work is going on within the mod at a furious rate at the moment. In the last 24 hours Brand-X has built us a gorgeous looking Cylon Basestar out of nothing and Mele has been rounding up every single model he can get his hands on and converting them into working placeholder models we can make missions with.

Meanwhile the team continues to gear up for the day we go public with our mod. There has been some discussion within the team whether we should keep quite about the mod when we're actually ready to release or if we should start talking about it once we've got lots of pretty pictures and videos but are still polishing. Well you probably know by now since you're reading this but we're still making the final decision at the  moment.

And now I'm off to drag the rest of the team from the corners they are hiding in and get them to post. :D


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