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2010-01-11 - Kicking Off The New Year

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Once again it's been a while between Dev Blog posts but things have been going on here at Diaspora. While a lot of it has been stuff that isn't graphics related (and therefore not stuff we can take screenshots of) we now do have some stuff we can show you.

Firstly we recently got out the champagne and cracked it over the bows of the Prometheus, Gemenon Traveler and Class 6 Cargo Transport. These three represent the first ships we at team Diaspora can actually called finished. Of course no piece of art is ever truly finished, merely abandoned but these three ship classes have finally reached release quality. They are now in the same form they will be in when R1 is released (assuming we don't decide to tweak them or discover a bug).

To celebrate here's a picture of the interior of the Prometheus.

The bigger news is that work on the Basestar is finally wrapping up too. Long time visitors (or those who have obsessively read all of these blogs and the comments) will remember that some of our ships have been rather crudely mapped in the past when we were using them as placeholders. The basestar was one such ship. We are much happier with the version we have now and for this reason we have some close ups of the Basestar.

But the real star here is the Raider racks. Yes, these have been fully modelled and are now usable.

Of course the engine can't currently handle using all 800+ slots but we can definitely use some of them. :D

Oh my :eek2:

That looks fantastic guys! Outstanding work so far. Cant wait to see the rest of it in due time :yes2: :nod: :yes:

Dilmah G:
You guys are amazing. Could the Diaspora team be arranged to collectively bear my children?  :D


--- Quote from: Dilmah G on January 11, 2010, 09:30:49 am ---You guys are amazing. Could the Diaspora team be arranged to collectively bear my children?  :D

--- End quote ---

As appealing as that sounds, I'm going to pass on that. Can't speak for the rest of the team, though :D

omg with the cockpit though the raider racks on the base star are a bit special


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