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2010-07-30 - Sobek Class Battlestar, now with textures! (image heavy)

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We've shown you the Sobek class battlestar before; you've seen Slayer's original design sketches, Meleardil's model, then Tan.J.'s high poly model. What you haven't seen is what she'll actually look like in the game, and that's where I came in - she's ship enough to have more then 3 parents, so I came in to texture her and deliver the final look.
After some modifications on both Meleardil's and Tan.J.'s meshes, which included setting up UVW maps, cutting them up into workable pieces, modifying geometry to get her closer to Slayer's original vision and finally doing a lot of optimizing to ultimately make it playable in the game, I was able to effectively bake normal maps from the high poly model - I think you'll agree the effort was worth it. The rest was basically lots and lots of photoshop work.
Thanks to FUBAR's converting skills I'm able to show you the ship as she appears in the game itself; she's not completely done (missing LODs, detail boxes, debris, destroyable subsystems etc) but the most detailed LOD is functional. The rest of the work won't change her visually - this is how she will appear in the game. So, enjoy the pics!

Good Gravy, this is great!


Commander Zane:
Those thruster glows are freaking epic.

Heh heh. Just wait until you see this baby in motion :D

Suppose I can now post this too.

Disclaimer: Yea, it's a render.


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