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2010-10-29 - Diaspora Trailer 3

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October 29th 2010 - Is the Theseus the star of this video?

We've been meaning to throw this together for a while now. The Theseus was completed a while back and we wanted to show off some moving pictures of it but in the end we decided to wait until it wasn't the only only amazing new addition to the trailer. Click on the link and feast your eyes on something we've been promising since we showed off the cockpit in Trailer 1 and can now finally deliver.

Diaspora Trailer 3 - YouTube
Diaspora Trailer 3 - ModDB

Music is by PhRey, our newest composer and keeps with our tradition of trying to use a different composer for each trailer. :D

General Battuta:
Posted to Kotaku. ****in' A, can't wait for this.

want to make battlestar command mission sooo baaaad

The E:

--- Quote from: General Battuta on October 29, 2010, 09:49:27 am ---want to make battlestar command mission sooo baaaad

--- End quote ---


Flying a bolitho at flank speed through some sort of a Cylon dockyard with a bunch of support ships docked would be pretty epic too..

Frak me, that's awesome!
Like the Dradis...and the rest.


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