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2010-12-08 - Trailer 4

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December 8th 2010 - Some BSG-ish action

Here it is. Diaspora Trailer No. 4. But be warned! This time you won't see any fancy new models or explosions and certainly no gameplay footage ;).

Diaspora Trailer 4 - ModDB
Diaspora Trailer 4 - YouTube

Bear McReary - Bloodshed
Diaspora Combat Track (edited)

I tried to catch the feeling of the series' battles with this one, while everything is still possible ingame and needs just some fredding skills and Track IR. No effects added in post production besides the usual fade-ins and fade-outs.

Me and my PC actually went through some trouble to get this baby finished. The PC's CPU fan practically died while encoding the final release candidate and the CPU temperature reached 90°. So i had to rush to the next shop and buy a new CPU cooler to get this trailer out in a reasonable time frame. I'm happy my CPU didn't get cooked. And I'm happy the team didn't whip me for delaying the relase of the trailer another day.
And the trouble i went through... a certain neck-pain was a big issue for some days. And I don't want to speak about the laughs i earned from family members, cause i was shaking and waving my head around in front of my computer, like some... well, like some Track IR user.

P.S.: The girl died in the end.

Shivan Hunter:
w00t! Once again Diaspora proves itself to be above most professional-quality games. That is all simply epic.

 :yes2: :jaw: :yes:

MR_T3D: used the wrong "its"
except for the epic parts, which were the rest

We noticed. We'll replace the video with a grammar-nazi approved version tomorrow :D In our defense, it was 2am when this was uploaded and we were interested exclusively in getting it out the door so we could get a night's sleep. Which I'm gonna go get right now.


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