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2010-12-27 - Viper MK7 cockpit

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Building cockpits is an insane amount of work. Nighteyes built the mesh I then did some upgrades and modifications on. After that I unwrapped it and started texturing. I also built a high poly variant of almost every object in there, and baked normal and specular solutions for them - this can sometimes make rather low poly objects look a lot more detailed than they are. Doing that for every switch and dial is a very labor and time intensive process, however, which is why it took this long to get it in the game.

Also, we said this should go here:

--- Quote from: irc ---[09:50] <newman> hello cockpit my old friend
[09:50] <newman> i've come to scream at you again
[09:51] <@Karajorma> You totally should add those lines (with an apology to Simon and Garfunkel) to the eventual dev blog post about the cockpit
[09:51] <@Karajorma> :p
--- End quote ---

There, done. Also, to Simon and Garfunkel - you have my sincere apologies.

On to the more interesting stuff:

Hope you like it, I'm going to stuff myself with christmas food while there's still some of it around :P

Commander Zane:
Holy. ****ing. God.

Wow. Absolutely beautiful. :yes:

Damn straight, Sir! I salute thee!


The DRADIS got implemented... yay! :D


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