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2011-02-19 - Diaspora and Battlestar Galactica Online

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As Bigpoint's Battlestar Galactica game is now in open beta testing the team would like to make an official statement about it.

The Diaspora team have never considered Bigpoint's game to a rival to ours. Both games have very different styles and therefore are aimed at fairly different markets. We know exactly how hard it is to make a BSG game and we want to wish them every success with theirs.

That said, we do actually have a vested interest. Several months ago the Diaspora team was approached by the producer of Battlestar Galactica Online with an offer. In order to speed up the development of their game they were interested in hiring freelance 3D artists to make models for them. And where might you go if you were looking for 3D artists familiar with making game models for a Battlestar Galactica based game?

Yep, us.

As a result, after signing some NDAs, DaBrain, Lt Cannonfodder and Newman have all been freelancing the last few months to make a reasonable portion of the Rag Tag Fleet for Bigpoint's game. This hasn't slowed down Diaspora any and in fact has helped as our modellers have basically been paid to familiarise themselves intimately with ships they'll later be putting into the game anyway. Expect to see future posts in the Dev Blog as they start modelling the Diaspora versions of the ships they created for Bigpoint.

-Diaspora team

General Battuta:
Whoa. That's...awesome.

Shivan Hunter:
I just sat here for about a minute trying to think of something to say other than "omg"

Col. Fishguts:
Woah, that sure is a compliment for your modelers :yes:

Will you be allowed to use the same models in Diaspora or will you have to create separate ones?

The models created for Bigpoint are, as far as I know, theirs and theirs alone. While a ship may look the same from afar, FSO has rather different limits in polygon counts and textures than does as browser-based MMO, and so have to be built seperately.


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